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How Did it All Start?

I’d like to take this opportunity to share a little history with you. I was born 1961 in Baden, a tiny little town in Switzerland close to Zurich. I grew up in a musical family where my mother taught me to play the piano at the age of four.

Our Story
UB-1 Synthesizer

Uli Behringer, the company’s founder, was committed to music and technology from a very early age, and had constructed a synthesizer (the UB-1) by the age of 16.

Our Story
Foundation and Early Development
Obviously both music and electronics inspired me to later study classical piano as well as sound engineering. In 1982 I moved to Dusseldorf, Germany to take up piano studies at the Robert Schumann Conservatory as well as Sound Engineering at the Fachhochschule. Released 1982

Uli’s first digital reverb survives to this day.

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Now it sounds good...
Psychoacoustics was a hot topic in the ’80s world of professional audio. The few manufacturers who providing solutions for processing or enhancing compromised audio signals were charging a premium to elite engineers and recording studios. A great deal of effort went into hiding the “mysterious circuitry” employed in this technology just to keep it a secret. Curious and scientifically biased as he is, Uli Behringer accepted the challenge of lifting this curtain and providing equivalent solutions to a much broader audience. The STUDIO EXCITER Type F was both provoking and polarizing, but it was a defining statement: At last, really good audio processing was truly affordable for everyone!
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Our Story
The Behringer Story
From a “kitchen-table startup” to one of the largest and most successful pro-audio companies in the World. Otto Pahnke called in one of his graphic designers and said "draw this young man a stylized ear so he can use it for his company logo". I was now left with my name Behringer, a drawing for a technical ear and I tried to figure out how to combine them. The only way it would work was to draw a triangle around those elements and that was the birth of the logo which until now is our Company trademark.

It became my personal mission and later the Company’s philosophy to provide professional products at prices every musician could afford. This formed the Behringer mantra “Double the Features at Half the Price” which literally created a new “Prosumer” or home-recording market that had not existed before.

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Our Story
Otto Pahnke - The Mentor Who Changed My Life
Shortly after I arrived in Dusseldorf I met and dated a beautiful girl who was also a great singer (guess that did the job) and whose father was the general manager of one of the most famous chocolate manufacturers in Germany called Storck. 1990
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Our Story
Analog summing compressor, Made in Germany, hard to find on the 2nd hand market, 2nd hand unit prices are higher than for the new product version. Soon after Behringer’s first endeavor as an audio manufacturer, the MDX8000 COMBINATOR made another splash on the very high-end side of (broadcast) audio processing. Proving once again, that even very sophisticated processing and original feature sets can be provided at much lower price points. The MDX8000 was produced entirely at our manufacturing facility in Willich, Germany.
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Our Story
The best selling compressor ever, from that time all 19" units had the new enclosure design and were Made in China, more COMPOSER models will follow. Being a visionary and entrepreneur, Uli Behringer investigated and discovered many of the large-scale electronics manufacturers had invested in automation,which yielded lower operational costs and provided for mass production. The MDX2000 COMPOSER, another milestone in Behringer’s goal to bridge the gap between pro audio and consumer electronics, was the first product designed for large scale production in China. With several successor models to follow, the COMPOSER quickly became the best selling compressor of all time.
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Our Story
Analog Flagship Studio Console (Inline Concept)
The MX8000 EURODESK subsequently caused the biggest stir among bands, project studios and rental companies. The audio industry was just becoming aware that 24 inline channels of good-quality, 8-bus mixing could be had for just under USD 5,000.00, when Behringer announced the EURODESK at only half that price. As much polarizing as it was successful, the EURODESK instantly made people aware of the Behringer mission.1996CYBERMIX CM8000
Fader and Mute Automation

At the time, typical project and commercial multitrack studios were based around analog or digital tape machines that coexisted and synced with MIDI equipment and sequencers. Mix automation systems allowed users to integrate control over the analog mixing path with separately-produced MIDI tracks. The Behringer CYBERMIX was patched to the MX8000 insert points and provided automated synchronization to SMPTE LTC or MTC, for muting and fading channel volumes.1996EURORACK MX2802/MX2642
First generation of our highly successful analog mixer lines

While the MX8000 had instantly grabbed the attention of the semi-pro audio world, it was the MX2642 EURORACK Series Compact Mixers that established the new prosumer market next to the pro audio market – a transition pioneered by Behringer.1996ULTRACURVE DSP8000
A small step for Behringer, a major leap for the Pro Audio World - One of the fist digital Equalizer incl. feedback killer.

At the same time, Behringer was also eagerly investing in proprietary design and IP (Intellectual Property). The ULTRACURVE DSP8000 provided an innovative combination of high-quality digital signal processing, which included stereo 31-band EQ with a True-EQ feature, RTA (Real Time Analyzer), line delay and peak limiting. The ULTRACURVE included a measurement mic input and functions for automatic room-compensating EQ, as well as automatic feedback suppression.1996SUPER-X CX2300
Analog crossover, but now as an affordable unit, Bestseller

Before active or powered PA systems became all the rage, audio engineers had to rely on their loudspeakers’ internal crossovers, or convert their passive speakers using expensive electronic crossovers. Recognizing the need for a practical alternative to the high-end offerings of the day, Behringer went to work on the Company’s first 2-way stereo/3-way mono electronic crossover – the SUPER-X CX2300. This high-precision crossover became one of Behringer’s best-selling studio and live sound products of all time before being replaced by the landmark SUPER-X PRO CX2310.1996ULTRAVOICE XM2000S/ECM8000
The first microphones from Behringer

Yet another major milestone was passed when BEHRINGER brought their first ULTRAVOICE microphones to market. The XM2000S Dynamic Cardioid was quickly adopted as the vocal/instrument go-to mic by bands, DJs and houses of worship. Designed specifically for RTA measurement and recording applications, the ECM8000 Measurement Condenser Microphone is recognized by audio engineers the world over for its exceptionally flat frequency response and true omnidirectional pickup pattern. The updated version of the XM2000S, the XM1800S, and the ECM8000 remain on the BEHRINGER best-seller list to this day.1996Behringer Interactive World 19961996

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An Amazing Journey That Has Kept Me in Asia for 20 Years
Once I had set my mission to provide professional products at affordable prices, I realized that Europe was not the right place for manufacturing. 1997SHARK DSP110
Feedback Destroyer and mostly underestimated unit

Behringer releases the SHARK and takes a bite out of feedback! The handy SHARK DSP100 Multi-Function Signal Processor can be used to instantly equalize a complete PA system and automatically eliminates feedback. Behringer’s search algorithm attenuates feedback-prone frequencies within a fraction of a second, via narrow-band, single-shot filters. Only the frequencies related to the feedback are attenuated, leaving the music powerful and alive.1997DSP1000-Series
19" Digital Series

Based on proprietary ULTRACURVE technology, the highly-affordable DSP1000 family of single-space, rack-mountable processors was born – including the well-received VIRTUALIZER and MODULIZER multi-effects devices, the FEEDBACK DESTROYER’s automatic parametric EQ – and the ULTRAMIZER’s digital multi-band compression.1997Mixers and New Products 19971997Standard Audio 19971997New Products Spring 19971997

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The 19" - standard. 2nd Generation still selling

Since its introduction in 1999, the DX1000 has become a favorite among thousands of working DJ’s, remix artists and club installers around the globe. As the first DJ mixer produced by Behringer, it sports extreme flexibility, an impressive feature set and uncompromising audio and build quality. Having proven itself time and time again and continuously gained popularity, it merits a place of honor in our line next to our new VMX series mixers.1998EURODESK MX9000A/3282A/2442A
Successor of the MX8000, now with Meterbridge, 2 smaller Live consoles

Behringer introduced the MX9000A Professional 48/24-Channel Inline Mixing Console with Integrated Meterbridge, bringing studio-grade, large scale mixing to the realm of affordability. The large channel-count, 8 output buses and crystal-clear performance makes the MX9000A a favorite of rehearsal and recording studios virtually overnight.1998EURORACK MX602A/802A/1602A
Extension of the MX-Series1998ULTRADYNE DSP9000
Digital summing compressor1998T-Series
Behringer goes Vintage...

Behringer's T-Series introduced the patented Tube Warmth circuitry and combined it with well-established analog processors, such as the COMPOSER, ULTRAGAIN and INTELLIGATE, creating a new product family for advanced users. At the time, the T-Series could even be found in outboard racks of international touring acts, such as Deep Purple and Smashing Pumpkins, as well as some of the world’s most-prestigious recording studios.1998BLUE DEVIL GX112 19981998The Art of Mixing 19981998The Sign of Sound 19981998

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The world's best selling meisterkaufte 1/3-Band equalizer

The GEQ3102 puts a powerful graphic equalization tool in your hands, with 2 x 31 standard 1 /3 -octave center frequencies plus sweepable high- and low-pass filters for “pre-graphic” trimming. The dual 12-segment LED chains can display either input or output level, and each EQ section can be bypassed for quick comparisons.1999EUROLIVE B300
The very first of all powered PA speakers

Once again Behringer ventured into a completely new arena of expertise – live sound reinforcement. Acoustic and system engineers were hired to designing cabinets, optimized crossover tunings and waveguides, as well as sourcing suitable drivers. The first product released was the EUROLIVE B300 – a 300-Watt, 2-way 15" active loudspeaker in a sturdy, but lightweight ABS enclosure.1999TRUTH B2031A/B2030A/B2092A
The first studio monitors incl. subs, still in our product line

Active bi-amped reference studio monitors were developed in parallel with the live sound systems – the TRUTH Series. Designed to deliver uncolored, reliable studio sound, and benchmarked against the number one near-field monitors of the time, to this day the TRUTH Series remains one of our crowning achievements. As they say, “nomen est omen” – the name says it all!1999Behringer Spring 19991999

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Our Story
EUROLIVE B1020/1220/1520/1800/F1220/1520
The first passive PA-speaker systems

Following on the heels of the best-selling EUROLIVE B300’s phenomenal success, a new line of professional, passive PA loudspeakers was added to the EUROLIVE Series. 2000BLUE DEVIL GX112
The first guitar amp

Ready to take on a new challenge, Behringer enters the musical instrument amplification market with the BLUE DEVIL GX112. The analog, 2-channel guitar amp featured a tuned-cabinet design with 99 studio-quality VIRTUALIZER multi-effects, auxiliary input and MIDI control – all features way ahead of the time!2000Behringer Catalog 20002000Behringer Guitar Workstations 20002000

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The Soul of Valves
Driven by the passion and technology, Bugera guitar and bass amplifiers deliver rich tone, INFINIUM Valve-Multiplier Technology and Boutique features at affordable price points. Starting with it’s first product line introduced at NAMM 2007, Bugera became the preferred choice for many guitarists and bass players around the world. 2001 EURORACK MX1804X/20004A/3242A
First 19" rack mixers with integrated effects2001DSP110 SHARK Keyboard Magazine,“Key Buy” Award 20012001Behringer Technology 20012001Behringer Audio Technology 20012001

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Our Story
Behringer City Was Born
In 2002, Behringer completed its own factory, Behringer City, in Zhongshan of China’s Guangdong province after it consolidated more than ten separate production locations into one vertically integrated plant. 2002DIGITAL MIXER DDX3216
First digital console

After achieving remarkable success with his analog compact and medium-format mixer series (with hundreds of thousands units sold), Uli Behringer began pondering the future of live and studio mixing – and he quickly chose to make a major investment in developing his first digital mixing console. The DDX3216 was designed with the collaboration of an external partner, and provided an extremely compelling feature set that included floating-point processing. The DDX3216 was a tremendous success, with many of them are still in use today.2002EUROPOWER PMH2000
First powered mixer

We proudly introduce a Behringer first: a compact 500-Watt power mixer with everything you need to get your sound to your audience—just plug in your instruments and microphones, add a pair of speakers and you’re ready to go. The PMH2000 gives you six mono channels with ULN mic/line preamps with -25 dB pads and peak LEDs, switchable phantom power, our renowned super-musical 3-band EQ, an effects and monitor send. In addition, you get four stereo channels: three with the same ULN mic/line preamp, EQ and sends but with left and right ¼" connectors, and one especially configured for tape, CD or MD players with stereo RCA inputs and recording outputs.2002ULTRA-CURVE PRO DEQ2496
Masterpiece; ⅓ band and parametric EQ with RTA and many extras

Six years after launching the ULTRACURVE DSP8000 digital processor, it was time to take the product to the next technology level. A new team was brought onboard, swapping the fixed-point DSP to floating-point. All aspects of the product were re-coded from ground up, a new GUI and industrial design was developed – and the DEQ2496 was born. The ULTRACURVE PRO DEQ2496 is just as relevant today, and is still one of our best selling digital processors.2002ULTRA-DRIVE PRO DCX2496
Perhaps the most popular Loudspeaker Management System ever...

Another 1U floating-point DSP powerhouse, the ULTRADRIVE DCX2496 set new standards for affordable sound-reinforcement loudspeaker management. Just like the DEQ2496, the DCX2496 is still one of our best sellers, and clearly documents the legacy of the original IP and technology developed at Behringer.2002V-AMP 2
Behringer first top-model (Modeling)

Even though we had only stepped into the guitar amplification market in 2000, we decided to bring affordable DSP (Digital Sound Processing) to guitarists and bass players all over the world in 2002. The original V-AMP Virtual Amplification Multi-FX modeler, and the resulting family of digital FX processors, have sold close to 250,000 units – and have earned a remarkable share of the market, as well as a place of honor in the realm of digital modeling.2002SEX 20022002Behringer Technology 20022002

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Our Story
100,000 Volts of Motivation
But the project I am most excited about is called “Music Tribe University”, where we are providing E-Learning tools so our employees can study even from home to help them build careers within the company. Whether people want to study management or learn a language, we offer courses for an array of learning opportunities. 2003 EUROPOWER EP1500/2500
The first PA amps; still working, working, working...

EUROPOWER EP1500 and EP2500 power amplifiers become one of the most-successful product lines in the company history. Delivering ample power and rock-solid performance over many years, the EP1500/EP2500 PA amplifiers and PMH/PMP power mixers were ideal companions for our passive EUROLIVE Series loudspeaker, and remained a major asset in our portfolio for many, many years.2003Thoman Customer’s “Gear of the Year” Award, 2003
“We are very proud to have won this award once again. No other bass amp in its price class and beyond offers so many features combined with excellent sound,” said Marija Marx, National Account Manager for Germany, who accepted the award on behalf of Behringer. “Musicians out there love the ULTRABASS BX1200 for its raw power, flexibility and great sound in a compact package.”2003NAMM SHOW 20032003The Best of UB41 20032003

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Our Story
Uli’s signature series: now in shiny silver... 2004B-CONTROL BCA/BCR/BCF2000
Products establish Behringer in computer based recording studios20042004

As a DJ, you want your headphones to deliver a wide frequency response and high dynamic range. The HPX2000 headphones give you incredible performance for a price well within any budget.

Whether you’re mixing a recording, monitoring a bass line or just enjoying an MP3, you want your headphones to deliver a wide frequency response and high dynamic range. The HPS5000 headphones provide incredible performance for a price well within any budget.
2004Behringer Analog Mixing Consoles 20042004Guitar Amplification Own The Tone 20042004

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Our Story
Best selling DJ Mixer, still selling in 3rd generation

The PRO MIXER DJX700 is a professional 5-channel DJ mixer with such great features to instantly ingrain itself on the short list of must-have industry standards. Start with our high-grade 45-mm ULTRAGLIDE faders. The faders are, after all, the heart and soul of each mixer. With their 500,000 cycles life expectancy, they outperform standard faders more than twenty-fold. VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) technology goes hand in hand with our faders—audio signal does not run directly through them; instead, the faders only provide a control voltage to the VCAs. The advantage: practically no audio noise caused by mechanical wear. 2005 EUROLIGHT LC2412
Entering the DMX world...

The EUROLIGHT LC2412 is a professional 24-channel DMX lighting console with 24 preset channels assignable to 512 DMX channels. 120 scenes are storable in 10 banks, and there is an integrated chaser with up to 650 steps featuring sync-to-bass beat plus a frequency-dependent sound-to-light function. Crossfade time is freely selectable, allowing for super-smooth scene fades, and there are two additional, multi-functional channels for special effects (e.g. fog machine, color changer etc.).2005ULTRAPAR UP1000
Spot On!

The ULTRAPAR UP1000 is a first-class PAR spotlight with an ultra-robust aluminum die-cast casing and an extensive set of accessories. It is ideally suited for being used with the Behringer 575H lamp or other compatible lamp types with the G9.5 socket (lamp not supplied, available as accessory) and features extremely high luminous efficiency with low power consumption. Four glass lenses are already included: narrow spot, spot and two medium flood. The UP1000 has a highly reflective polished reflector insert, and its color frame accepts standard color foils. A flexible mounting bracket allows precise positioning of this compact and easily transportable spotlight.2005ULTRALINK ULM2000
Now Wireless...2005

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Our Story
TUBE AMPLIFIER 6260/6262/333/333XL
Bugera is born...

With over 40 different Behringer guitar and bass amplifiers released in just 6 years (all of solid-state design), it was time for the next big thing – tube amplification! The pièce de résistance for every guitarist – nothing compares to the immediate response and dynamic subtlety when playing a guitar through an all-tube signal path. Bugera tube amplification was introduced, providing absolutely uncompromised classic tube amp sounds at stunningly-affordable price levels. The proprietary INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier technology was recently updated across virtually the entire line, making these extremely-powerful amps even more popular than ever.2006F-CONTROL FCA202
First Firewire Audio Interface

The ultra-compact FCA202 FireWire® audio interface is an ideal way for musicians to connect to their PC or Mac computers. Due to its small size and low-latency operation, the FCA202 is especially well suited for traveling musicians who record and edit compositions on laptop computers.2006BCD2000 Tech Awards
Winner: Behringer BCD2000

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Our Story
Successful combination of Mixer and Amp

The PMP518M powered mixer delivers more power, better sound at less weight! If you need superior stereo sound for small club gigs, churches or speeches, but have to keep the outboard gear to a minimum, the 12-channel PMP1000 can deliver. The 500-Watt mixer has built-in mic preamps and an FX processor, as well as enough power to drive both mains and monitors thanks to dual 250-Watt onboard power amps.

If you need superior stereo sound for small club gigs, churches or speeches, but have to keep the outboard gear to a minimum, the 10-channel PMP1280S can deliver. This 1,200-Watt mixer has built-in mic preamps and an FX processor, as well as enough power to drive both mains and monitors thanks to dual onboard 600-Watt power amps.

If you need superior stereo sound for small club gigs, churches or speeches, but have to keep the outboard gear to a minimum, the 10-channel PMP2000 can really deliver. This 800-Watt mixer has built-in mic preamps and an FX processor, as well as enough power to drive both mains and monitors, thanks to dual 350-Watt onboard power amps.

If you need superior stereo sound for small club gigs, churches or speeches, but have to keep the outboard gear to a minimum, the 16-channel PMP3000 can deliver. This 1,200- Watt mixer has built-in mic preamps and an FX processor, as well as enough power to drive mains and monitors, thanks to dual onboard 600-Watt power amps.

If you need superior stereo sound for small club gigs, churches or speeches, but have to keep the outboard gear to a minimum, the 20-channel PMP5000 can really deliver. This 1,200-Watt mixer has built-in mic preamps and dual FX processors, as well as enough power to drive both mains and monitors, thanks to twin onboard 600-Watt power amps.2007METALIEN iAXE629
Something for the aspiring guitar player

Got a burning desire to take out-of-this-world guitar sounds into the digital realm? The Behringer METALIEN iAXE629 USB-Guitar is the shred machine built to take you there. If you’re ready to explore the outer reaches of your music, this high-tech axe is standing by.2007STOMPBOXES
Who’s the Boss?

The Behringer BLUES ROCK TRIO TPK987 takes the guesswork out of creating a killer effects chain for rock and blues tones. Our design team consists of performing musicians who know what works best, no matter the venue. All we had to do was ask, and they put together the DD400 Digital Delay, UV300 Ultra Vibrato and TM300 Tube Amp Modeler. We even included the necessary cabling you need to put these pedals between your guitar and amplifier!

The Behringer METAL TRIO TPK985 takes the guesswork out of creating a killer effects chain for metal tones. Our design team consists of performing musicians who know what works best, no matter the venue. All we had to do was ask, and they put together the DD400 Digital Delay, FX600 Digital Multi-FX and SM400 Super Metal. We even included the necessary cabling you need to put these pedals between your guitar and amplifier!
Behringer goes E-Piano...

When we started the EUROGRAND project, we invited concert pianists, church musicians and piano teachers to give us input on their digital dream piano. They came up with a wish list that appeared just about impossible to achieve:

They wanted a digital piano to rival the sound of the finest acoustic piano. It should incorporate an 88-key, weighted hammer-action keyboard that provides the touch and feel of a concert grand.

Far from done with their requests, they also asked for 14 authentic instrument sounds, 40 Watts of stereo power and a 2-track sequencer for rehearsals. All built into an elegant wood grain cabinet with black finish. Impossible?

We did it. After 2 years of hard work, those musicians have approved our masterpiece. While there are no strings attached, the EUROGRAND sounds and feels like real. And music to your ears: It has a price that everyone can afford.

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Our Story
Midas and Klark Teknik Join Music Tribe
Midas and Klark Teknik, prestigious Pro Audio brands and known for iconic products, like the Midas XL8 console, the Klark Teknik DN370 Graphic EQ, join the family of Music Tribe brands in 2009. 2009Released 2009

Digital DJ Mixer

The DDM4000 is a state-of-the-art 32-bit digital DJ mixer, jam-packed with creative tools, yet its intuitive layout will let you feel at home in an instant. Editing, storing and recalling your settings is simply a breeze!

Hook up your turntables and CD/MP3 players to its 4 stereo channels, each with fully programmable EQ and Kill switches. Put ultimate versatility at your fingertips with fully programmable beat-sync’able multi-FX modules, a pair of high-precision BPM counters and a digital crossfader with custom curve adjustment. And the super-cool BPM-sync’d sampler with real-time pitch control, loop and reverse functions will make your crowd go wild.


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Our Story
The New Logo Was Born
With the dramatic change in direction, I felt it was important to make a statement by changing the most sacred part of a company, which is the logo. What I had learned from the books I read was the importance of focus and simplification. So I set out together with our marketing team, to fundamentally change the logo. Over the course of several months we came up with some great ideas, but nothing felt quite right. Suddenly my intuition told me to go back to my roots and ask Otto Pahnke’s daughter for help, who by that time had become a successful marketing expert in her own right. Together we developed the new logo which is substantially calmer, warmer while still retaining the essence of the original logo. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Anna for helping us create this wonderful new logo.20102010
Music Tribe

The Music Tribe is one of the world’s largest holding companies for pro audio and music products brands.
Music Tribe City Certificate ISO9001:2008

The Music Tribe is one of the world’s largest holding companies for pro audio and music products brands.
EURORACK Ad 20102010EURODESK MX8000 20102010V-AMP Collaborating Artist Profile 20102010VMX Series 20102010DX Series 20102010DSP8000 Ad 20102010COOL AUDIO 6.1 D80 Ad 20102010Behringer 10 Years Ad 20102010ULTRACURVE ECM8000 Ad 20102010EURORACK MX2642 Ad 20102010EURODESK MX3282 Ad 20102010EURODESK MX2442 MX8000 PROLIGHT+SOUND Ad 20102010EURODESK MX2442 MX8000 Ad 20102010AUTOCOM MDX1200 COMPOSER MDX2100 Ad 20102010World of Behringer Ad 20102010Winner You Ad 20102010Virtual Reality PROLIGHT+SOUND Ad2010Virtual Reality Ad 20102010VIRTUALIZER VFX 3D Ad 20102010ULTRAPATCH PX2000 Ad 20102010ULTRACURVE DIGITAL Ad 20102010ULTRACURVE 24 bit Ad 20102010FEEDBACK DESTROYER Ad 20102010EURORACK MX Series Ad 20102010EUROPACK Ad 20102010EURODESK AYA Ad 20102010Customer Support Ad 20102010AUTOCOM MDX 1200 Ad 20102010Composer Endorsers Ad 20102010EURORACK AYA Ad 20102010AUTOCOM MDX 1200 Ad 20102010AUTOCOM COMPOSER Ad 201002010

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Our Story
The X32 that Changed the Industry
When we first started development of what was to later become known as the X32 none of us had any idea where the finished product would take us. The Behringer X32 has changed the game by completely rethinking what is possible from a digital mixer – and tens of thousands of new users are enjoying the results. A fluid workflow coupled with a fully interactive user interface ensures immediate familiarity and instills confidence. Advanced engineering and meticulous design deliver stellar sonic performance at an extremely affordable price – changing the game entirely.20112011
Behringer Acquired the Rights to the Entire Coolaudio

In May 2000, Behringer acquired the rights to the entire Coolaudio technology from Intersil Corporation, a US-based semi-conductor manufacturer. Coolaudio is a high-power Class-D amplification technology with power ratings up to 4,000 watts and efficiencies up to 90%, which has been rated as high audio quality.
NOX606 Voted Best DJ Mixer Under £600

“We are thrilled to have received this honor. Our team developed a feature-packed, premium mixer that is still attainable for any DJ,” commented Mark Wilder, VP of Marketing Communications for The Music Tribe. He continued, “The fact that consumers voted for the NOX606 makes the award even more special to us.”

Premium 6 Channel Mixer Voted Best DJ Mixer Under £600

Bothell, WA – Music Tribe is proud to announce that Behringer’s new NOX606 DJ mixer has been named “Best DJ Mixer under £600 in DJ Mag’s prestigious 2011 Tech Awards. Nominees for the annual awards were selected by a panel of industry experts and posted onto the DJmag website, then voting opened to the public for each category until the winners were announced at the 2011 BPM Show in Birmingham, UK.

The Behringer NOX606 is a professional 6-Channel DJ mixer designed to connect directly to PC and Mac computers, allowing the user to record and playback virtually any digital music file—without the need for any special drivers. The mixer also features Infinium “Contact-Free” VCA crossfaders with adjustable crossfader curves and legendary XENYX mic preamps for years of flawless performance.

Behringer goes Install...2011Behringer UB41 Catalog

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Our Story
Behringer "Best in Show" NAMM2012
January 27, 2012, Bothell, WA- In the wake of the company’s most successful year to date, Music Tribe’s Behringer brand has received NAMM’S 2012 "Best in Show" award for "Companies to Watch". 20122012
Music Tribe Acquires Turbosound

In June 2012, Music Tribe also acquired Turbosound company, that designs and manufactures professional loudspeaker systems. At NAMM 2014, Turbosound introduced over 140 new professional products.
2012Released 2012
Game Over!

Introduced in summer 2012, the X32 Digital Mixer Series quickly became the best-selling digital mixers in the world. The Behringer X32 has changed the game by completely rethinking what is possible from a digital mixer – and tens of thousands of new users are enjoying the results. A fluid workflow coupled with a fully interactive user interface ensures immediate familiarity and instills confidence. Advanced engineering and meticulous design deliver stellar sonic performance at an extremely affordable price – changing the game entirely.


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Our Story
Behringer X32 Wins Prestigious MIPA Award
X32 takes top award for industry’s best live sound console

4/16/2013 FRANKFURT, Germany — Musikmesse International Press Awards (MIPA) mipa-awardshonored Behringer’s X32 Digital Mixing Console with the highly coveted award for Best Mixing Desk (Live) at the annual Prolight + Sound event. Nominated for two separate awards, the X32 edged out the DiGiCo SD5 and Soundcraft Si Performer consoles to take the top prize in the Pro Audio category.

Since debuting in the summer of 2012, Behringer’s X32 has received accolades from both the media and audio industry professionals for sound quality, ease of use and versatility. Close to 30,000 consoles have already been sold, making the X32 the fastest selling digital consoles in the world.

“It is truly an honor to receive this award, especially against such formidable competition,” remarked Uli Behringer, CEO for Behringer’s parent company, Music Tribe. “The fact we were selected over such well-respected and much higher-priced brands inspires us to keep innovating and pushing the envelope. We are indeed proud of the X32.”
Behringer’s X32 Awarded Reader’s Choice by Pro Sound Web
The X32 won the Pro Sound Web and Live Sound International "Readers' Choice Awards" at NAMM 2013

Anaheim, CA - It's only Day 1 of NAMM 2013 and Behringer's X32 Digital Mixer is already making news.

Pro Sound Web announced that the X32 has been selected by the public for a highly-coveted Reader’s Choice Award! And, while many would have expected the X32 to win handily in the Small Format Console category, the honor came in the Large Form category - where the X32 was competing with consoles selling for up to 20 times the price, such as the Digico SD5 and Avid SC48 etc.! In fact, every other console in the Large Format category costs at least 3 times the price of the X32.

So, how did the X32 garner such praise in a category previously dominated by the big, expensive competition? Perhaps it was the fact that the X32 delivers an earth-shattering feature set that includes motorized faders, recallable digitally programmable Midas-designed mic pres, AES50 96-Channel digital audio networking and 16 FX slots crammed with over 40 studio-grade effects, dynamics and EQ. Sure, there are a few digital consoles that offer similar features, but as Pro Sound Web’s readers know, they all sell for much more than the X32.

Speaking on behalf of the Behringer brand, Music Tribe parent CEO Uli Behringer had this to say, “We are deeply honored to receive this recognition from Pro Sound Web and their readers. The X32 was developed as the ultimate expression of our commitment to design, engineer and build not only the best products possible, but also to make them affordable. "The X32 has broken all records, selling more than 20,000 units in the first 6 months.

2013Behringer X32 Honored with WFX "Best Digital Mixing Console" Award
Best Digital Mixing Console X32 Digital Console praised as groundbreaking solution for house of worship applications

10/3/2013 Seattle — Worship Facilities Conference and Expo (WFX) has just announced that the Behringer X32 is this year's recipient of the highly coveted "Best Digital Mixing Console" award. This represents yet another milestone in the game-changing X32 console's growing list of industry acknowledgements.

The editors of Worship Facilities, Worship Facilities Designer and Church Production magazines, along with members of the WFX Advisory Board and Management participated in the annual voting process. The prestigious award is the industry's most comprehensive for the house of worship market, recognizing outstanding product innovation for applications in churches of all sizes and worship styles.

Since debuting in the summer of 2012, Behringer’s X32 has received accolades from the media, as well as audio industry professionals for sound quality, ease of use and versatility. More than 40,000 consoles have already been sold, making the X32 one of the fastest-selling digital consoles in the world.

"It is truly an honor to receive this award," said Music Tribe CEO Uli Behringer. "The fact that we have been recognized by an organization whose main mission is to guide houses of worship in their ministry investments, tells us our products are an excellent fit - regardless of the size or format of the venue. We are indeed proud of the X32 and wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to WFX for this acknowledgement. All of our X32 family products will be on display at WFX 2013, booth #617 — please stop by and check them out."


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Behringer X32 COMPACT Nominated for TEC Award
Full-scale X32 performance in a smaller form factor

Seattle, WA – Behringer’s X32 COMPACT Digital Mixer has received the ultimate industry recognition in the form of a TEC Award nomination for the Small Format Mixer category. Already racking up huge sales, the X32 COMPACT features the same processing power and high channel-count as its bigger sibling, the award-winning X32 – just in a smaller footprint. Never before has this much power, usability and scalability been so affordable and easy to use.

Music Tribe founder and CEO, Uli Behringer stated, “I am personally honored on behalf of our entire team to have the X32 COMPACT recognized in this way by our peers in the industry. We set out five years ago to create the incredible X32 product range, and to transform our business by investing massively in research and technology. That investment has paid off in a big way, enabling us to become an industry-leading innovator. The X32 family is a result of the collaboration between world-class Digital Engineering teams in Germany and the UK – plus our dedicated team of over 300 engineers around the world.”

“It is immensely gratifying to see the results – and none speak louder than this esteemed recognition from the TEC Foundation,” continued Behringer. “I would like to dedicate this nomination to all of our amazing people inside the Music Tribe and commend them for this state-of-the-art product.” Conceived and developed by the Behringer team in Germany, the X32 COMPACT also features technology developed and implemented by sister company, Midas in the UK.


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