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Celedrick Brown


I am enjoying mixing again. I was originally mousing my way through the mixing process in my home studio, but now its so much easier with the Xtouch! Normally I'm in the big traditional studio mixing on an analog board but with the features and how well it integrated with my DAW I don't have to anymore or as often.I simply like it a lot and the best part is it works!! Thanks Behringer for an amazing product!

Robert Stark


All I can say is: WOW! I am continuously amazed how behringer can advertise a product for over a year - with a "BUY NOW" link, no less - yet it still has not been seen the outside of the secret labs of behringer! Maybe someday one will actually grace the home studio that has patiently waited many months now since it was pre-ordered. WOW!

Scott A.

I am in love! Works perfectly

Replaces my ancient Yamaha 01X. I am in love! Works perfectly!

Amazon Customer

This thing is great! I am using Cubase Pro

This thing is great! I am using Cubase Pro, and it took an hour or two on the net to update the firmware and setting it up, but once that was done.... This unit is great! And at that price... well it's just great. :)


Five Stars

Thank you


Works a treat with Ableton!

For everyone wondering whether or not this controller will work with Ableton Live, the answer is: YES! As soon as I got mine, I updated to firmware 1.15 (didn't test it on 1.14) set it to Mackie control on USB, configured it in Ableton, and everything works flawlessly right out of the box. Couldn't be happier.

Giovani Chacón

Berrín ver x touch

X touch quick guide is not real manual for best operation. I want to know if it is posible to find a complete Operation Manual. In this moment i'm not happy with some functions . X touch cannot controls pro tools ver y well. So sad.


So easy!

Using this with the XAir XR18. With a cheap external router I was up and running is seconds!

Rick Mendyka Sr


In a word... WOW! What an incredible time saver, and SO dead -simple! Using this X-touch DAW console makes my workflow four times faster right out of the box. I'm using it with Logic Pro X and it gets you right up close and personal with the entire Record, Mix, Engineering, and Mastering chores. To get the most from this console you must go through the many YouTube videos and take notes; but it's so, so easy to "get it" quickly. This controller/console is built nice and heavy (nothing wimpy here!) and every function is laid out exactly where you want it to be. Somebody actually thought this thing out! You won't have any regrets when you purchase this board! Note: I really considered getting a Slate screen; but after seeing how incredibly complex the learning curve is to actually get it to do all the cool things in the promo videos, I got a bit leery. I wanted something I could actually put my hands on and feel the controls, so I did a lot of research. After using the X-Touch from Behringer I am so glad I chose this route. If you're a "hands-on" type of person, you won't regret choosing the X-Touch!

Marc Winkfield

Very Nice!

Liking this unit so far. Solid build. Mapping great with Logic in both HUI and MC Control but with PT you only get HUI so you really need to use the HUI map guide in the back of the manual for functions like writing automation (if Berhinger upgrades the firmware with Eucon support that should solve that). The manual could be better written in terms of set up as it is not fully explained. They tell you to see your DAW software guide for controller set up. Just make sure you select X-INT for both HUI input and output. Oh and don't expect the segment meters to give you a true picture. Use your DAW meters for that. The v-pots could be a little more substantial. Having said that, this is a great unit that is half the price of a Mackie Universal Control Pro. I find the faders and the buttons to be very well built. Harrison is going to add controller support in the next upgrade to Mixbus 3 and it will be interesting to see how this unit works with that DAW.

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