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No HUI / ProTools out of the box.

Does not work with ProTools out of the box. I have yet to be able to run the editor so I can attempt to remap this device to run in HUI mode because it's Windows only and I run Macs. However even if I'm eventually able to get it work, this unit makes me appreciate the Korg Nanokontrol it was intended to replace: It's larger (see pic) and clumsier - with no buttons dedicated to solo/mute record enable. I didn't buy this on Amazon, but there were no user reviews anywhere and wanted to get the word out on this box. This unit might be great for live performers running devices using other MIDI protocols (it does talk Mackie Control by hitting the "MC" button when you plug it into the USB port), but if you're running ProTools you should wait before you get this.

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Better than Nanokontrol for live playing (imo)

I use the xtouch mini for live playing through Mainstage 3 (mainly in a church context). Once set up properly* this has been the perfect little control surface for this use. The basics: it's a little bigger than the ubiquitous Nanokontrol but still not too big imo. The knobs and buttons feel durable and high quality, although the single slider feels pretty cheap. It's a pretty simple blank slate, just programmable knobs, buttons and a slider that send MIDI or Mackie Control (which I know nothing about). What makes it good: The xtouch can both receive and send (MIDI via usb) values back to the software-- which means that as changes are made in the software it reflects in the buttons lighting/not lighting and the position of the LED rings. Practically for me that means that in Mainstage when I change patches, the hardware visibly changes (the lights) to their new assigned value in the new patch, and changing a control is now relative to the new values as opposed to where they left off in the previous patch I was using. No more worrying about values jumping when I move a slider or having to move the slider to "catch" the new value. Super useful and intuitive. Having said that: the setup software is not intuitive at all, and is Windows only. This product doesn't seem to be popular so there is very little documentation, tutorials, etc available online. Thus 4/5 because while it works great, it was a pain to figure out how to initially work with it. *It took me a while to figure out how to set it up to work the way I expected it to using the software for reasons listed above. My solution was noticing that the default MIDI channel for the controls had an asterisk like this: 1*, which I now take to mean was sending on channels 1-16. If the channel is changed to just one channel (I used 11 for no particular reason) then Mainstage will be able to send to the hardware and you'll have the functionality I spoke of earlier.


X Touch Mini Pass

I bought the X Touch Mini to be a interface between me and the Behringer's X32-edit app. I have a X32 Rack and wanted to create some pre-show scenes and enter them into the Rack. So I found several video's of this unit interfacing for every app but Behringer's X32-edit. So I have to give Behringer a bad review. I would give this 5 stars if Behringer posted some support for this unit. I on the other hand give Sweetwater 5 stars for there excellent staff and service. They are my goto dealer !!! Bottom line ,,, don't just buy Behringer just for the $$$ remember the old saying. " You get what you pay for".


Great controller

This is a very great addition to a live performance MIDI key rig. I primarily use it with Apple's MainStage 3, but works well with other DAW's as well. The XTouch software is a bit odd at first and is currently only on Windows, but it enables button/encoder behavior to be changed which is great. Overall, i'm satisfied and I would definitely suggest it.

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