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Kyle Lowe

Five Stars

Works great with my Tascam DR-40.


Budget condenser.

These are great budget condenser mics. Very compact and comes with all the mounting hardware.


Five Stars

works very well

Michael Anthony

Four Stars

these worked well


big bang for your buck

I swear by this little guys, they are great mics and cost under $100, you can't beat it. great for drums and acoustic guitar. Great buy off amazon to get them on the cheap!

Luis A. Branda

Five Stars

Great mic for the money

Chazz Clooney

Behrenger C-2 Microphones

Like the Mics...and the mounts for them, remove the brass adapter in the crossmount and it fits standard mic stands.

John A. Randolph

Behringer C-2 Studio

I used these mics to record a choir of 60 singers. I could not believe how well they worked. You cannot beat these mics for the price. AND, don't let the small size fool you!

Rick Lane

Perfect for overheads, ride and hi-hat mic.

Perfect for overheads, ride and hi-hat mic.


Five Stars

Works great for a choir, highly recommended

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