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This Day in Music History: October 22

1969 Paul McCartney denies being dead in response to a storm of rumors about his demise.
The rumors, which were then concentrated in London, started when McCartney was involved in a paul is deadcar accident in 1967. The Beatles Book fanzine denied the story and it faded away.

However in September of 1969, a Drake University student newspaper published the headline story “Is Beatle Paul McCartney Dead?” The paper talked about a rumor going around the campus that McCartney had died in 1966, and had been replaced by a double. The paper cited various “clues” from recent Beatles albums, — Read more

This Day in Music History: October 21

1968  Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison is awarded Best Album at the Country Music Awards.
Johnny Cash first became interested in Folsom Prison in 1953, when his Air Force Security Service unit watched a movie called “Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison.” The movie inspired Cash to write Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison album coverhis hit song “Folsom Prison Blues,” which was his second single on Sun Records.

The song became a favorite of prisoners around the U.S. Many of them wrote Cash, asking if he would perform for them. His first prison show took place in 1957, at — Read more

This Day in Music History: October 17th

1962 The Beatles make their television debut. Between their lunch and evening shows at The Cavern Club in Liverpool, the Beatles travel to Granada TV Centre in Manchester, where they beatles cavern clubmake a live appearance on a local program called “People and Places.” They play two songs: “Some Other Guy” and “Love Me Do”, which had been released just twelve days earlier. Beatles producer George Martin called that release day, Friday, October 5, 1962, “The day the world changed.”

Although they would appear on a number of — Read more