MUSIC Group Makes Eco-Friendly Switch to Online Manuals

Company Conservation Effort Reduces Carbon Footprint
Bothell, WA – In a company-wide initiative to conserve resources and deliver the most efficient solution for consumers, manufacturer MUSIC Group is significantly reducing the amount of pages in the user-manuals that come with their popular pro audio products and musical instruments. The company is making a transition from lengthy paper manuals to more eco-friendly Quick Start Guides (QSGs). The more robust manuals that previously shipped with product will still be available online.
Saving millions of paper pages every year, the new QSG guides will provide the end user with everything they need to get started using a product. The guides will also include a web link leading them directly to a deeper resource should they need additional information to operate their product. The full manuals found online are available in seven languages, and also allow the user to easily register their product for additional customer support benefits.
“As a company, we are always looking for ways to increase efficiency, reduce our carbon footprint and make our world-class website the digital hub for all the brands. So this change is positive on all fronts,” commented Mark Wilder, VP of Marketing Communications for MUSIC Group. “Our customers are concerned about the environment, and this migration from traditional manuals to QSGs will not only allow us to be more environmentally conscientious, but will also enable our company to deliver a much more user-friendly solution.”
The product manual to Quick Start Guide transition is already underway, and the company expects to have all BEHRINGER and BUGERA products shipping with the Quick Start Guides by November 15.

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