Korean Woman Builds X32 – Completely from LEGOs!

Photo by Seon Mi Hwang of her X32 mixer made of LEGO bricks

Photo by Seon Mi Hwang of her X32 mixer made of LEGO bricks

Seon Mi Hwang of Incheon, South Korea (located 17 miles west of Seoul across the Han River), says she was intrigued by a tiny LEGO piece she thought looked a lot like the faders commonly found on audio mixers. Once struck by inspiration, she started searching online.

“Soon, I found an image that looked very cool!” she said via email. “Later, I found out that was a…renowned machine!”

What she found was the award-winning BEHRINGER X32, the fastest-selling digital mixing console of all time. But Seon’s experience with mixing boards was limited to secondhand exposure. “One of my friends is a music director,” she said. “When I visited his studio, I saw various mixers. They looked like very difficult and complex machines, but made beautiful sound and attracted me.”

Seon’s LEGO X32 is nearly as big as the real thing and took 12 hours to complete, six hours with a software program to create the design, and six more to assemble.

LEGO offers its “LEGO Digital Designer” software as a free download. The program allows users to create LEGO models in 3D – and includes instructions on the LEGO bricks needed to bring their creation to life.

Seon’s X32’s attention-to-detail is incredible, with 16 channel faders and 8 group faders, lights for each section – and even rotary control knobs on the digital display panel. “I enjoy that the shape of model came out as I intended,” she said of the process. “And I love sharing images of my work with other LEGO fans throughout the world.”

After completing the build, she brought the model to life via stop-motion video, which shows the flying faders in action. The digital display even changes as the faders move – a nice touch.

Seon Mi has been designing and building LEGO models since she was 22. Her creations all show amazing detail. “I am very fond of LEGO,” Seon said. “I love their kits, but I don’t have many of them actually. To build my own models, I buy the LEGO parts I need individually from private sellers.” And we’re glad she does.

Her musical tastes tend toward the original soundtracks used in anime films. She cites “Always With Me” and “Spirited Away” as two of her favorites. “I often sing those while I am working.”

Her LEGO X32 has received raves from LEGO fanatics online, where she posted images of the work. Comments on brickinside.com are effusive. “I thought it was a real mixer,” said someone with the handle “JoE.” “Seems possible that’s actually working,” said forum member “zorzo.”

Seon plans to display her X32 at a LEGO fan convention in Seoul, South Korea in late October.

You don’t have to build your X32 on brick at-a-time, as Seon did – we’ve already done that for you! Find out for yourself why the BEHRINGER X32 Digital Mixer is so inspirational – to so many!