BUGERA BC30-212 Guitar Amp Gets a 9.5/10!!!

BUGERA BC30-212YES! The kind folks over at Ultimate-Guitar gave the BUGERA BC30-212 a 9.5 out of 10 in their recent amplifier review!

Thank you guys SO much for the kind words:

“With a double coil guitar, the amp breaks up around 25% of volume gain. Channel 2 on the amp is a beast. It only has a volume control and a high pass filter. As you turn the filter selector to the right, you add more bottom end. You can get clean tone with a single coil guitar at about 25% of volume gain, but next to no clean with a double coil guitar. The distortion, as expected, is heavy… Black Sabbath heavy with lots of bottom end. I should point out that this amp is crazy loud.”

If anyone in our readership knows someone who reviews guitar amplifiers over at Ultimate-Guitar.Com, could you give them a hug for us? Thanks.

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