BEHRINGER Ships EUROCOM CL Loudspeaker Series

Install line combines high performance with elegant aesthetic

6/13/2013 Seattle, WA — BEHRINGER has checked off another milestone on their eurocom-clexpansion into installed sound with the announcement that the CL Series of loudspeakers are now shipping to all markets, globally. Hailed as the premier sound reinforcement speaker series in the company’s EUROCOM product line, the CL Series combines acoustically-inert cabinets, custom-designed transducers and a subtle designer aesthetic into a package that should prove as flexible as it is affordable.

Spanning 19 models from the bookshelf-sized CL106 up to the 3-way CL3564 and with three distinct subwoofers, the series gives integrators the tools they need to deliver high intelligibility and linear response in a host of challenging spaces. Ideally suited to vocal and music reinforcement in Houses of Worship or Performing Arts facilities, the CL Series also pack the value and performance to make them suited to theme restaurants, bars and conference rooms. Their unique wrap-around fabric grille treatment makes them uniquely capable of integrating into any interior environment, no matter how sophisticated.

Speaking on behalf of the EUROCOM CL series, MUSIC Group VP of Installed Sound Steven Young commented “These products are true to the BEHRINGER principles of value, performance and quality. Integrators can specify and install the CL Series with confidence knowing that we have engineered, voiced and built these speakers entirely in our own facilities, offering unprecedented quality and reliability.” All EUROCOM products are covered under BEHRINGER’s 3-Year Limited Warranty program.

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About the EUROCOM CL Series

CL Series loudspeakers come in a variety of configurations: compact 2-way, large-format 2 and 3-way cabinets and subwoofers. Compact models ship in either low impedance versions or 70/100 V versions with integral transformers, all with 90º x 70º coverage patterns and color-matched mounting brackets. Larger 12″ and 15″ versions provide options for either 60º x 40º or 90º x 60º coverage patterns. All models, except subwoofers, are available in black or white, and every speaker incorporates rotatable horns and multiple rigging points.

BEHRINGER helped inspire a new generation of musicians and define the “Prosumer” or home recording market by making previously unattainable professional audio products affordable. Since its inception in 1989, the company has grown to become a world leader, with tens of millions of users across the globe. Offering a comprehensive range of products that span multiple categories, including mixers, amplifiers, loudspeakers and every other part of the audio signal chain, BEHRINGER is helping artists, musicians, DJs, producers, engineers and aspiring talent realize their musical dreams.

BEHRINGER is owned by MUSIC Group.

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