BEHRINGER releases CP6000 Series wall controllers for EUROCOM MA6000 Digital Mixer-Amplifiers


CP6000UL (U.S.)

CP6000UL (U.S.)

7/7/2013 Seattle, WA — BEHRINGER has added to the utility of the MA6000 series of Digital Mixer-Amplifiers with the release of the CP series of wired remote control panels. Designed to offer low-cost remote volume control and source selection, the CP6000UL will fit North American electrical boxes while the CP6000EU is sized for European applications. Available immediately through the EUROCOM distribution network, the CP series offer yet another dimension of application flexibility to an already-rich feature set.

CP-series control panels feature auxiliary input selection, mute and power on/off buttons, as well as an ergonomic volume knob and space for labeling auxiliary input sources. The volume control can be assigned to the main mix bus or to the four (A, B, C, D) auxiliary sources only, allowing remote control over program or master volume. Remotes connect to the MA6000 over standard Cat5 cable which provides data connections and power, including subtle illumination.

“Elegance, simplicity, and incredible value are the comments we hear from integrators when they see the new CP series wall controllers,” says Steve Young, Music Group’s VP of Installed Sound. “With the addition of this controller we can provide nearly all the functionality of an advanced computer-based control system at a fraction of the price.”


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