BEHRINGER Now Shipping CMD STUDIO 4A DJ Controller

“All-in-one” 4-deck DJ MIDI Controller — plus free Deckadance software

6/21/2013 Seattle, WA — BEHRINGER’s full-featured CMD STUDIO 4A DJ Controllers cmd-studio-4amake their debut at retail locations in June. Armed with extra-large 6″ touch-sensitive platters, full-size faders and USB connectivity for PC/Mac computers — plus a host of other professional-grade tools, the STUDIO 4A elevates the DJ experience to a whole new level. Taking full advantage of STUDIO 4A’s 4-deck capability, BEHRINGER is including Image Line’s Deckadance 2 LE DJ software free of charge — for a complete DJ solution.

MUSIC Group DJ Product Manager Craig Reeves said: “CMD STUDIO 4A was built to both accommodate modern digital DJs and to help new users develop their professional DJ skills. Since the vast majority of “all-in-one” style DJ products are miniaturized, stripped-down versions, you often end up with a controller that feels like a toy — not so with the CMD STUDIO 4A. Plus, you get full control over advanced software features such as 8 instantaneous hot cues per virtual deck, without having to search for a shift key — or dig through cumbersome menus.”

The BEHRINGER CMD STUDIO 4A is available from authorized retail outlets at an approximate street price of $199.99 USD ($299.99 MSRP), and is covered by MUSIC Group’s 3-Year Limited Warranty Program.

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The CMD STUDIO 4A provides a comprehensive toolkit for the modern DJ, with high-end features typically found on gear selling for many times the price. STUDIO 4A’s robust feature set includes: dual 6″ touch-sensitive platters, 100 mm pitch and 60 mm channel faders, 45 mm cross-fader, 3-band EQ, EQ kill, key lock, pitch control, auto looping, 8 hot cues, full control over 2 FX modules and much more. The BEHRINGER CMD STUDIO 4A is a complete MIDI/audio solution for DJs who demand total control.


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