BEHRINGER CMD DJ Controllers Now In Stores

Modular controllers provide customized and expandable system options

6/24/2013 Seattle, WA — BEHRINGER has shipped all 5 models of their highly cmd-modular-controllersanticipated CMD Series DJ MIDI Controllers with initial quantities hitting stores in June. Designed to offer professional-level features and a completely customizable workflow, CMD Series modules are an affordable alternative to the common “all-in-one” systems. All CMD models provide USB/MIDI connectivity for PC/Mac computers and iOS devices, and come with Image Line’s Deckadance 2 LE DJ software included free of charge.

MUSIC Group DJ Product Manager Craig Reeves commented: “The idea behind our CMD modular controllers was to give people the tools to create their ultimate DJ workspace. CMD controllers are the foundation of an affordable system that can be upgraded or expanded one module at a time. With the CMD Series we’re re-defining what users expect from their controllers and proving that industry-leading features and quality can also be affordable.”

DJ Controller CMD DC-1 Pad-Based MIDI Module with Effects and Navigation Control
DJ Controller CMD DV-1 DVS-Based MIDI Module with Dual Effects, Deck Focus and Transport Control
DJ Controller CMD MM-1 4-Channel Mixer-Based MIDI Module with Built-in 4-Port Powered USB Hub
DJ Controller CMD LC-1 Trigger-Based MIDI Module with 4×8 Button Grid and Multi-Color LED Feedback
DJ Controller CMD PL-1 Deck-Based MIDI Module with 4″ Touch-Sensitive Platter, Deck Switching and Effects Control

BEHRINGER CMD Series DJ Controller modules are available from authorized retail outlets at an approximate street price of $129.99 USD each ($194.99 MSRP), and are covered by MUSIC Group’s 3-Year Limited Warranty Program.

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About CMD Modular DJ Controllers

BEHRINGER CMD Series DJ Controllers provide the ultimate in control for the modern DJ — in a modular system that can be customized to suit the user’s specific software needs. Each module is packed with professional features — from high quality faders to extensive MIDI feedback, all organized into logical groups. All CMD controllers are class-compliant, meaning no additional drivers are required — just connect and go.


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