BEHRINGER Amps Survive Flood

When keyboardist Jack Manzella rescued two BEHRINGER keyboard amps from the watery depths of Allison Wonder Band‘s flooded rehearsal space, he thought his gear was lost forever. However, to everyone’s amazement, when the amps dried out they still worked!

The KX1200 and K3000FX had been completely submerged for four days, but the Allison Wonder KX1200 smalldurable amps proved they could handle just about anything. They were not so lucky with their non-BEHRINGER gear, which gave out.

In an email to BEHRINGER, Jack Manzella commented, “BEHRINGER gets A+ for durability – you’ve got a customer for life!!”

Allison Wonder K3000FX Small

That’s an incredible story and a testament to the quality of BEHRINGER products. BEHRINGER takes pride in manufacturing high-quality products using the best materials and processes. In the event a product does happen to have a problem under normal operation, within the first three years of purchase, it is backed by one of the best warranty programs in the industry.