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BEHRINGER RV600 Reverb Machine Gets a 10/10 at MusicGear-Reviews.Com!

BEHRINGER RV600 Reverb Machine Effects PedalBig, big thanks to the kind folks over at MusicGear-Reviews.Com! They gave the RV600 Reverb Machine a perfect score of 10/10!   “It’s a great unit that you can rely on and save money or use the extra cash to get another pedal for your guitar rig. I give the BEHRINGER a 10/10 – that pedal is a winner.”  The RV600 is our top-of-the-line stompbox when it comes to reverb. There’s a dozen reverb algorithms to — Read more

BEHRINGER BCF2000 News – A 5/5 Perfect Rating From TechieTalk!

BEHRINGER BCF2000This one is a few months old, but it must have slipped past me the first time around! Not trying to give this computer recording equipment more time in the sun than our mixing boards or guitar amplifiers, but it’s worth noting that Techietalk gave the BCF2000 a perfect 5/5 in a their January review – here’s my favorite highlight:     “The — Read more

BEHRINGER XENYX Mixers: An Informed View from Factory Sound

Our favorite jokers over at Factory Sound treat us right. They have been there for us time and time again, and we’re consistently impressed by (and thankful for) their energy, humor, and videocameras. Here’s their most recent opus, discussing the latest series of XENYX Mixing Boards. There’s one feature they particularly like, see if you can guess what it is. Scope around their YouTube channel for more from these guys. There’s more going on there then just mixing board reviews! — Read more

BUGERA BC30-212 Guitar Amp Gets a 9.5/10!!!

BUGERA BC30-212YES! The kind folks over at Ultimate-Guitar gave the BUGERA BC30-212 a 9.5 out of 10 in their recent amplifier review! Thank you guys SO much for the kind words:”With a double coil guitar, the amp breaks up around 25% of volume gain. Channel 2 on the amp is a beast. It only has a volume control and a high pass filter. As you turn the filter selector to the right, you add more bottom end. You can get clean — Read more

The BUGERA V-22 is turning heads! A bona fide hit!

BUGERA Review!Gary Compson, BEHRINGER Aussie sales manager, brought a review to my attention: the BUGERA V22 and V5 were both recently reviewed in “Guitarist” magazine – and were very well received! See the clipping the the left for the primary details, including a 5/5 rating for the V5 and 4.5/5 (and a Guitarist CHOICE award!) for the V22. Some highlights from the review include: “It has a clean channel, a distortion channel, a reverb — Read more

New B1500D-PRO and B1800D-PRO Powered Subwoofers from BEHRINGER

Lightweight 1000-Watt Powered Subwoofers with Built-In Crossover and Intelligent Limiter   Weighing in at just 30 kg / 66.2 lbs and 38 kg / 83.8 lbs respectively, the new B1500D-PRO and B1800D-PRO employ Class-D amplifier technology and switch-mode power to pack 1000 Watts into a lightweight package. The B1500D-PRO and B1800D-PRO come equipped with a built-in crossover, producing low frequencies (35 – 150 Hz) with an articulate, — Read more

New All-Valve Bass Amp from BUGERA

Vintage 300-Watt All-Valve Bass Amplifier HeadWith the release of the new BVV3000, BUGERA brings the classic all-valve bass amp up to date. The 300-Watt hand-built amp head features a trio of 12AX7s and a pair of 12AU7 tubes in the preamp section, and boasts six (6) 6550s in its output stage. The BVV3000 features a multitude of tone-shaping options including Bass, Mid (with a dedicated five-position Voicing selector) and Treble, as — Read more

New EPQ Power Amplifiers from BEHRINGER

Lightweight Power Amplifiers With Accelerated Transient Response (ATR) Technology The EPQ Series uses Accelerated Transient Response (ATR) technology to produce high power from a lightweight package. Instead of operating relatively continuously, the EPQ power amps feature rail tracking for effectively modulating the power supply rails with only the peaks of the input signal. When combined with switch-mode power supplies that do away — Read more

BUGERA Unveils Boutique-Style BC30-212 Guitar Amp

All-valve 30-Watt two-channel valve combo with true tube rectifier   With the arrival of the new BUGERA BC30-212, the electric guitar has finally met its perfect match. The BC30 is modeled after one of the most famous amps in history and provides the ultimate tone and sound variety. This amp responds to the subtlest characteristics of a guitarist’s playing style. Channel One’s dual 12AX7 preamp valves work together to — Read more