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BCR2000 Rocks Jacob Korn’s World


The BEHRINGER BCR2000 is one of the most successful MIDI controllers in history, and has found its way into the recording studio, as well as the stage setup of countless artists – including Grammy award winners Daft Punk. Indispensible in a wide range of applications, the BCR2000 USB/MIDI Controller features 32 illuminated rotary encoders and 16 + 4 buttons, all of which are freely assignable to the user’s favorite MIDI functions.

But Dresden, Germany’s Jacob Korn has taken the BCR2000 to the next step, by — Read more

Critics Like BEHRINGER CMD MICRO DJ Controller


The CMD MICRO DJ Controller gets props from critics for being a feature-packed controller ideal for practicing, or for small gigs and taking on the go.

Critics find a lot to love about the BEHRINGER CMD MICRO DJ controller, citing build quality, price and the feature set as reasons to get the controller for those times when a DJ only needs a small setup and doesn’t want to carry a large-format controller.

Digital DJ Tips’ — Read more

This Day In Music History: November 7

elton1967   Pianist and singer Reginald Dwight (Elton John) and his future songwriting partner, lyricist Bernie Taupin, sign on to DJM publishing. Their parents have to witness the boys’ signatures, because they’re both under 21. It’s the start of a legendary partnership. Taupin  and John go on to collaborate on more than 30 albums.

Both John and Taupin had answered an ad for musicians and lyricists placed in the magazine “New Musical Express.” Although neither one of them passed the audition for Liberty Records, the label’s Artists and Repertoire agent recognized their potential, and introduced the boys.

For years, the two have an unusual songwriting style. Rather than creating songs together, Taupin would write the lyric and then pass it on to John, who would set it to music. Their — Read more

Pro Tips: Getting Adequate Power for USB Digital DJ Equipment

So much of today’s digital DJ equipment gets its power via USB, and it can be challenging for laptops to meet these growing power demands. When an external USB device doesn’t get enough power, it can malfunction, or worse – cause bus resets. (A bus reset puts the device in an invalid state where it no longer responds to SCSI commands) The connected device may fail and this could mean losing control of your software, or even dropouts in your audio.

What can you do if this happens?

First, — Read more

BEHRINGER CMD DJ Controllers Take Command at Decibel Festival

Modular MIDI controllers bridge the gap between Microsoft’s Surface* tablets and music production software

9/25/2013 Seattle, WA — BEHRINGER’s CMD line of MIDI controllers will be featured at each of the Windows laptop and Surface tablet demo stations in the Broadway Performance Hall at this year’s Decibel Festival from September 25 – 29, 2013.

CMD controllers are based on commonly used workflows and will be shown in a multitude of configurations to demonstrate the advantages of a modular system with its enhanced productivity and greater hands-on control within Ableton Live and Traktor software.

In the Microsoft sponsored — Read more

BEHRINGER CMD MICRO DJ Controller Now Available

Ultra-portable DJ MIDI Controller — comes with Deckadance software

7/2/2013 Seattle, WA — As the name suggests, the CMD MICRO from BEHRINGER cmd-microoffers the ultimate in portability; plus a wealth of features that you might not expect in a compact DJ MIDI Controller. Designed from the ground up for DJs by DJs, the CMD MICRO creates the ideal platform for launching flawless sets from virtually any medium — including PC/Mac computer and iOS device libraries. All controls are strategically and intuitively placed for maximized ease-of-use — and the full-size faders and dual-zone platters provide a more — Read more

BEHRINGER CMD DJ Controllers Now In Stores

Modular controllers provide customized and expandable system options

6/24/2013 Seattle, WA — BEHRINGER has shipped all 5 models of their highly cmd-modular-controllersanticipated CMD Series DJ MIDI Controllers with initial quantities hitting stores in June. Designed to offer professional-level features and a completely customizable workflow, CMD Series modules are an affordable alternative to the common “all-in-one” systems. All CMD models provide USB/MIDI connectivity for PC/Mac computers and iOS devices, and come with Image Line’s Deckadance 2 LE DJ software included free of — Read more

BEHRINGER Now Shipping CMD STUDIO 4A DJ Controller

“All-in-one” 4-deck DJ MIDI Controller — plus free Deckadance software

6/21/2013 Seattle, WA — BEHRINGER’s full-featured CMD STUDIO 4A DJ Controllers cmd-studio-4amake their debut at retail locations in June. Armed with extra-large 6″ touch-sensitive platters, full-size faders and USB connectivity for PC/Mac computers — plus a host of other professional-grade tools, the STUDIO 4A elevates the DJ experience to a whole new level. Taking full advantage of STUDIO 4A’s 4-deck capability, BEHRINGER is including Image Line’s — Read more

CMD DJ Controller Video Manual Now Online

We know paper manuals can be cumbersome to wade through when you have specific question that you want to know the answer to right away.

With the CMD video manual you will be able to quickly find short visual tutorials about all aspects of the CMD DJ controllers.

The videos cover navigation, controls, FX, and much more. Each video covers one specific topic, so you will have instant access to the feature you are looking for.

Currently their are 23 videos, but this is a “living document” that will grow based on feedback and questions directly from CMD — Read more