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BEHRINGER Shows Off New Products at CES 2013

CES 2013 is almost at a close, but the excitement level for BEHRINGER’s new products is still high!

One of the hottest new items is our OMNI Audio System. This is a total home audio setup that will come in a variety of styles to match your decor!

Omni Home Audio System OMNI Amp and Link

Also on display were our new CMD Controllers for DJ -

CMD Controllers

One of our product specialists demonstrates the upcoming iSTUDIO.


And making it’s triumphant return to CES is the one and only iNUKE Boom along with the iNUKE Boom — Read more


Once again BEHRINGER is heading to the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada!

This year we are excited to introduce the new OMNI System with AirPlay wireless OMNI SP5i_Black Vinyl_Right Perspectiveconsumer audio system!

This total home audio system will be available in a variety of styles including hand-buffed lacquer piano-style finish or uniquely-appointed, stitched synthetic leather.

The OMNI system is the complete package offering:

  • OMNI Amp:  2 x 40-Watt amplifier for use with existing passive speakers
  • OMNI Link: an industry-first stereo receiver for any active amplified system
  • OMNI SP3i: active 3-way speaker system with 4” integral subwoofer—crisp, clean sound at high volume
  • OMNI SP5i: active 3-way speaker system with 6” integral subwoofer—deep, rich sound at high volume
  • OMNI Surface: active 3-way, flat-panel, wall-mount loudspeakers

Come see this awesome new system at CES 2013, and much more!

We can be found at booth — Read more

BEHRINGER Launches iAxe Guitar for iPad and iPod

CES 2012, Las Vegas, NV – Leading developer and manufacturer of musical instruments and professional & consumer audio products BEHRINGER, today announced the iAxe Guitar – a revolutionary tablet-based guitar certain to change people’s perceptions about making music. After an exhaustive development effort, the iAxe Guitar was coincidentally granted a US Patent on the opening day of CES 2012.

The iAxe is much more than an electronic controller or — Read more

Mark with Splash

BEHRINGER Makes a Splash at CES 2012

CES 2012 – The Consumer Electronics Show is underway at the Las Vegas Convention center in Las Vegas, Nevada. BEHRINGER is launching 50 new products in our Eurosound consumer electronics line.

The powerful 10,000 watt iNuke Boom is on full display along with cool new products like the Mini Blue rechargeable bluetooth speaker, the Splash 100 floating bluetooth speaker, and the Eclipse Soundbar.

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