Brazil’s ProShows Hosts 500 X32 Workshops in Six Months!

Since the release of the X32 last summer, I have had the pleasure of hearing stories fromProshows X32 tour proud X32 owners all over the world. Recently, I heard a fantastic story from our Brazilian distributor ProShows.

Their goal was simple – 500 X32 workshops in just six months. They got the idea for the project shortly after the Expomusic show in October 2012. Knowing their customers would be just as excited about the X32 as they were, they wanted to get the word out. Even for one of Brazil’s largest distributors, this was no small undertaking.

What followed was a massive media campaign using print ads, email marketing, and social media. X32 experts visited local stores where 1700 employees were trained on the expansive features of the mixer. With an average of three workshops a day, in 50 major cities, the campaign ignited excitement for the X32 throughout Brazil.

ProShows reached their goal on April 15, 2013 with their 500th workshop!

Vladimir de Souza, CEO of ProShows, calls the X32, “The best product for the money in the pro audio industry.”

Congratulations to ProShows on an excellent media campaign!

For more information, please see the press release.