Meet the New BEHRINGER iSTUDIO iS202

The iSTUDIO iS202 iPad Docking Station is a must-have tool for all musicians. Designed for both live and home studio recording, the iSTUDIO gives musicians the power to create, produce and perform.

The compact and lightweight iSTUDIO is completely portable, allowing musicians to have it at the ready any time inspiration strikes.

For the electronic musician the iSTUDIO gives you the ability to control computer software with an iPad, or control apps externally using a midi controller. Play back your compositions by connecting speakers directly to the unit, or plug in headphones for private listening.

Unlock the full potential of the GarageBand app using the iSTUDIO. The iSTUDIO has all the connections needed for plugging in mics and instruments. With GarageBand the iSTUDIO becomes an on-the-go recording studio.