BEHRINGER Hosts Free X32 Webinars

Seattle-2012-November-3rd – BEHRINGER has announced a new series of webinars centered around the blockbuster X32 Digital Mixer. Hosted by senior BEHRINGER product specialists, these webinars are designed to unleash the immense functionality of the X32 by highlighting actual use-case applications. The series of presentations will also cover other key elements of the X32 eco-system including the S16 Stage Box, P16 Personal Monitoring System and UFX Digital Recording interface. The webinars are perfect for beginning and intermediate X32 users or those who are interested in improving their audio setup with the X32.

Since it’s introduction the BEHRINGER X32 has become the most favored component in the setup of thousands of musicians and sound engineers, like Matt Breunig (Monitoring Mixer of The Killers), who are thrilled with the superior sound of the built-in MIDAS-designed Mic Preamps, the expandability and the intuitive workflow. Embedded into an eco-system with S16 and P16, plus extensive remote control opportunities via PC and iPad, the X32 allows everyone to mix on a professional level at just a fraction of the cost of comparable systems.

Users can subscribe to the following webinars:

X32 & FX In-Depth:

11/19/2012 (MON) 4:00PM – 6:00PM PDT

Registration Web Link:

Please join us for our X32 Live! Webinar/User Group #9.

This webinar will focus on the X32′s built-in FX processors. We will go over how to operate the FX section, how to assign different FX to control surfaces, DAW’s, and within the X32 itself. We will also focus on routing, as well as digging into how each one of the FX sounds, what the major parameters are for editing, and some useful real world tips and tricks as well.

The first hour will be a presentation on this topic followed by one hour of questions and live demos!