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Critics Like BEHRINGER CMD MICRO DJ Controller


The CMD MICRO DJ Controller gets props from critics for being a feature-packed controller ideal for practicing, or for small gigs and taking on the go.

Critics find a lot to love about the BEHRINGER CMD MICRO DJ controller, citing build quality, price and the feature set as reasons to get the controller for those times when a DJ only needs a small setup and doesn’t want to carry a large-format controller.

Digital DJ Tips’ — Read more

EUROCOM, King of the Jungle

It’s so distracting when your worship service is constantly interrupted by howler monkeys, parrots and cicadas – not to mention having to deal with significant road noise, rapidly changing weather conditions and less than ideal acoustic factors. These are just some of the challenges that Chad Luelluen and his team wrestle with during services in their Guanacaste, Costa Rica house of worship.

Working in an open space with concrete floors and a tin roof, it can be difficult to get accurate sound reproduction without feedback, achieve excellent audience — Read more

Prosound Network Reviews the BEHRINGER X32 Digital Mixer

Prosound Network Behringer_X32_LO

Photo: Prosound Network/Lynn Fuston

The enthusiasm for the BEHRINGER X32 digital mixer continues. Prosound Network put the X32 to the test at Belmont Church in Nashville, Tennessee. They explore all the features of the console, testing its performance in the House of Worship setting.

Of the mixer’s role in the service they say that effects play an important part of the mix, but should not be distracting. In the X32 they liked “The ease of control, — Read more

The BEHRINGER X32 Featured on the Cover of Recording Magazine

BEHRINGER is honored to have the X32 Digital Mixer featured on the cover of the March 2013 issue of Recording Magazine. MARK Chan MANA_Document_Recording Magazine X32 Cover_2012-02-14_Rev.0

Recording has provided an in-depth review covering all aspects and features of the X32.

The folks at the magazine tested the console out over a period of several months where it was their primary console and recording interface for the 2012 Different Skies electronic music concert near Phoenix, Az, and at the Farewell to Fritz Concert at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

They say -

“In every case we were struck by how easy it was to set up the X32 for any give set of instruments and applications, and how good the results sounded.” — Recording Magazine March, 2013

Recording was very — Read more

Sound on Sound Magazine Puts the BEHRINGER X32 to the Test

Sound on Sound magazine has taken a comprehensive look at the just released BEHRINGER X32 Digital Mixer in their August 2012 issue. SOS performed a variety of audio tests, and covers every inch of the console, from the internal structure, the outputs, the control surface, and much more.

Needless to say they were impressed!

The BEHRINGER X32 is an astonishingly affordable but immensely powerful and well-built digital console that deserves to do very well. – SOS – August 2012

You can check out the full review — Read more reviews the BEHRINGER X32 has recently posted the first part in a series of in-depth reviews of our new X32 Digital Mixer.

The reviewers at SonicState were impressed with the X32′s quality and features. In an excerpt, they say:

The tagline for the campaign is, “Game Changed” – I think for once, the marketeers have it just about right.

You can watch the video below, and check out the rest of their review here. — Read more


Sound on Sound Reviews the BEHRINGER X32

Sound on Sound magazine recently took a look at our new BEHRINGER X32 Digital Mixer.

They called the X32 “a product that looks set to completely overturn the market for budget digital mixing consoles.”

For anyone who hasn’t already been caught up in the marketing excitement, the X32 is a fully featured, 32-channel, 16-bus digital mixer with a generous supply of built-in effects and an impressively comprehensive feature set. It is geared primarily towards live sound, but is sufficiently versatile to make studio applications perfectly viable too.SOS – August 2012.

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FOH Road Tests the BEHRINGER X32 Digital Mixer!

Here is a great review of the BEHRINGER X32 digital mixer from FOH’s own Evan Hooton. In this review, Evan takes the X32 through the rigors of the road and a House of Worship installation. He also covers setup, DAW use, network functions & FX. “The X32 will be quite a game changer to the industry…” This is a statement we here at BEHRINGER couldn’t agree with more.

Check out the full review — Read more