F.R.E.I. is a new and exciting rock band out of Germany. Between the band’s five members they have sold over 10 millionFREI Group Photo Small albums, toured America and Asia, and worked with some of the hottest names in music. Founder Daniel Wagner lives for music. As the front man and band leader he can breathe new life into his music, doing things that were never possible before. To this band melodies are more than just catchy tunes, their music and lyrics speak to the soul. The sound of rock and synth-pop naturally unite to create F.R.E.I.’s distinctive sound.

Rounding out the band are four top-notch musicians, each adding their unique sound to the band. Drummer SC Kuschnerus is the “all-purpose weapon” of the band. Not only is he a force on the drums, but he is also one of the most recorded studio singers in Germany. Keyboardist Benny Richter prides himself on his creativity and innovative music style. He is an accomplished classical pianist and song composer who feels right at home on the stage. Olli Singer is the guitarist for the band. Whether he is playing pop, rock, metal, fusion or gospel his flexibility as a musician has made him one of the most sought-after guitarists in Germany. Last, but not least, is bassist Dominic Paraskevopoulos. Not only is Dominic an uncompromising versatile musician, but he also runs a music production company.

The band’s debut album LIMITLESS, was released in early 2013.


Keep up with the band at F-R-E-I.com and on their Facebook page.

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