Blake Lewis

Anyone who tuned in to season six of American Idol knew to expect the unexpected of Blake Lewis. The Washington Blake Lewis Photonative, who admitted he hadn’t watched a single episode before auditioning in Seattle, arrived in Hollywood without a hint of a plan, other than to be himself. Yet through talent, instinct, creativity and unapologetic brashness, Blake managed to make it all the way to the finale as the first runner-up, each week showcasing a different side to his endlessly eclectic musical identity.

After his successful run on season 6 of Fox’s hit series “American Idol”, Blake Lewis hasn’t missed a beat.  He has created a unique and entertaining style for himself as not only a singer-songwriter, but DJ and beatboxer, drawing fans of all ages to his shows, which vary between musical performances and DJ sets. His first two albums Audio Daydream and Heartbreak on Vinyl were hits both commercially and critically. Blake’s third album, Portrait of a Chameleon, is due out in 2013.  The new album, which Blake describes as “Future Pop,” showcases his abilities as a songwriter, singer, producer, and composer.

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