Bruce Rickerd

Bruce Rickerd is a musician who’s been playing, recording and performing professionally with Canadian, American and international artists since the early ‘70s and has never lost the love for music. He’s played every style from country and western to new age to rhythm ‘n’ blues, disco, rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly, various ethnic styles, progressive rock, jazz and blues, using each musical idiom to carve out his unique stylistic identity.

He was approached in 1993 by Cirque du Soleil composer Benoit Jutras, to help spearhead the artistic and musical revolution that Cirque du Soleil would unleash in Las Vegas, redefining entertainment in the “entertainment capital of the world”. Since 1993, Mystère has been Cirque du Soleil’s cornerstone and building block opening the door to other Cirque du Soleil productions such as O, Zumanity, Ka, Love, (the Cirque Beatles collaboration) Believe (with Criss Angel) and, Viva Elvis. Through seventeen years and more than 8000 shows, Bruce has been there for all of Mystère’s performances. He is the only artist to never miss a show.

Bruce uses 2 Behringer V-Amp Pros, FCB1010 Midi pedal boards, 2 DDX3216 mixers, an ADA8000, MX2004A, BUGERA amplifiers (333XL, V22, V5) as well as large assortment of Behringer stomp boxes and tuners onstage and in the studio.

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