Carlos Skinfill

Carlos Skinfill is is a skilled clinician, producer, composer, and arranger.

Carlos is a self-taught drummer. He was a jazz devotee by age 12, which is when he started playing professionally. He built a career in Mexico before relocating to Miami. In addition to drumming he has worked as a producer.

After meeting his musical collaborator, Gio Ortega, Carlos moved to Canada and founded his own record label, Skinfill Entertainment Records. He and Ortega produced a project called Gio & Skinfill. They so far have two CD productions 7 DIAS and SAVE ME FROM MYSELF with worship in a jazz pop and funk style.

Once in Canada, Carlos started a new stage in his music career. He focused on crafting his music, composing arrangements, and his production skills with professional musicians from all over the world. He is a part of The Sheraton Cadwell Group and The Philips Westin Orchestra. Thirty percent of all performance fees are donated to international agencies such as UNICEF, World Vision, Oxfam, CARE, Doctors Without Borders and The Red Cross through the Global Poverty Relief Foundation (

Carlos has participated in several International Jazz Festivals as: Beaches International Jazz Festival and Corso Italia Festival.

He has performed in major TV Shows within U.S.A on NBC, Telemundo and Arauvision.

Carlos has six CD productions with songs composed and arranged by himself, that can be found on iTunes and other online music stores. He also has two DVD’s Keep Drumming (with Abe Laborial, Alex Acuna, Emmanuel Ortiz, and Martin Kuwawi) and Painting With Brushes.

Learn more about Carlos at Carlos

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