New BEHRINGER Artist Thomas Starks Featured at ASCAP

ASCAP Member Thomas Starks Teams with Behringer at the 2011 NAMM Show

New BEHRINGER artist Thomas Starks was featured in ASCAP’s news section. Read the full article here.

“New ASCAP member Thomas Starks was among the throngs at the 2011 edition, but he was no regular attendee — he was there as an artist ambassador for BEHRINGER, the renowned pro-audio company that endorses him.” – ASCAP January 2011.

Thomas Starks (at right) with drummer Forrest Robinson

Thomas Starks (at right) with drummer Forrest Robinson.

Thomas Starks with Sherry Lipp, Coordinator, Media/PR Music Group Services U.S. Inc, BEHRINGER. The pair is posing with BEHRINGER's X32 Digital Mixer.

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