KJ Sawka

This month I’ve been busy touring with Pendulum, and rockin’ the European festival circuit. Its been fantastic and we’ve been smashing the sets to massive crowds. So far we’ve played Croatia, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Scotland, Austria, Luxembourg and many others. We have been adding more new songs from “Immersion” to the sets and spicing up older bangers with Amen break switch ups; which is always a massive plus for those beat heads out there and for my personal enjoyment. We also have been changing up the set list each night to give each show a special original flavor and energy.

As I’ve been on the road I’ve been producing the video beat blogs that have been attached to these newsletters. The music in them is some of the beats and basslines that are in upcoming loop and sample packs I’ve been working on and new tunes for the next album. As its very tough to slam out tunes on tour the next album is talking a little while. But the influence and inspiration for each track is of great substance and a full mix of clarity and full on disseminated broadcast litter is in full affect.

Till next time,