Guitar guru Roger Filgate relies on BEHRINGER for new CD!Guitar guru Roger Filgate relies on BEHRINGER for new CD!

Roger Filgate knows his way around a studio just as well as a fretboard. His latest work, “Worlds Within,” is a tasty, high-calorie sampler platter of all the sounds and textures that the guitar has to offer.

Or, should I say “that the guitars have to offer.” Roger used no less than 6 guitars on the album, (7 if you count the lap steel) showcasing a diversity of tones and styles that – in the wrong hands – could come across as scatterbrained. Perhaps surprisingly, “Worlds Within” reads as a remarkably cohesive body of work that still compels after repeated listening.

Roger says:

“I recorded my new album ‘Worlds Within’ on the BEHRINGER 2442FX mixing board and really had amazing results. It’s a very clean sounding board, loaded with features that are easy to use at an unbelievable price – big bang for the buck!”

The clarity of the board really shows when engineered by hands as seasoned as Roger’s. One spin of the disc audibly showcases the nuanced detail of Roger’s technique and guitar choices. Now bitten by the BEHRINGER bug, Roger has added our K3000FX keyboard amp for his live shows!

Check out for more info on Roger and his various projects. He’s a busy guy!

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