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V-Amp Downloads
Download Editor Software for V-AMP series Effects and Modeling Processors.

Software Type Description
Editor Software
V-AMP Editor 2.03 - Design (english) (1353 KB)
Editor Software
V-AMP Editor Help 2.0- Design Help (421 KB)
Editor Software

V-AMP Editor 3.0 public beta - Design (english) (1608 KB)

  • Public Beta Software for use with V-AMP3, V-AMP and BASS V-AMPs.
  • Does not work with V-AMP2, V-AMPIRE or V-AMP PRO Products
  • Windows Only
  • V-AMP2 and V-AMP3 sysex data and presets files are incompatible
  • Owners of V-AMP3 and V-AMP2 must use both editors respectively


This software is provided AS IS and without Warranty. V-AMP Editor 3.0 is provided as a courtesy to our customers. There are no anticipated updates to this software. BEHRINGER will not provide Technical Support for users of V-AMP Editor 3.0.