CL Subwoofers

High Energy Playback: High power handling, extended low-frequency response and efficiency approaching 100 dB (1 Watt / 1 Meter) will keep your audience feeling the beat of the music.

Compact Spaces: Conceal under a stage or within architectural elements with a mounting heights starting at less than 12 inches.

Flown Systems: Maintain sightlines in fixed installations for single point source or decentralized clusters.

Fill out the bottom end of any installation with powerful CL Series Subwoofers!

Three models (black finish only) are designed to provide sub bass reinforcement as part of a flown cluster, under stages or in a simple ground-stack system. “Slot-Loaded”, dual-driver models CL208S and CL212S, and the front-loaded CL118S, provide outstanding punch for high-energy music reinforcement in churches, live music performance spaces, theaters or dance clubs.

CL Series Subwoofers are constructed of durable laminated birch plywood (not MDF!) coated with a virtually indestructible, textured finish. All feature metric, threaded inserts for safe suspension via forged eyebolts. Input-wiring options include both terminal block and NL4 style connectors.

3 Year Warranty

Please see the 3-Year Warranty Program for full details.

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