CL Large Format

House of Worship: Reinforce high-energy worship music and spoken word with crystal-clear intelligibility. Comprehensive rigging points for all models to ensure safe suspension and optimal sightlines.

Nightclubs and Bars: Live music or DJ, pure sonic excellence will be delivered night after night. Even demanding electronic dance music (EDM) will be reproduced with perfect sonic accuracy to keep your audience in the groove.

Health Clubs: Volume, clarity and punch to energize any fitness space.

When your installation demands precision coverage, high output and sonic excellence, you must demand EUROCOM CL Series Large-Format Loudspeakers!

CL Series Large-Format models include 8 models (available in black or white) in either 2 or 3-way configurations with 12 or 15" woofer options. High-frequency coverage is provided by your choice of 60° x 40° or 90° x 60° rotatable, constant-directivity horns designed for exceptional pattern control well below 800 Hz. Three-way models also take advantage of a horn loaded, high performance 6" cone midrange for ultra-accurate vocals and superb instrument reproduction.

All CL Large-Format loudspeakers can be configured for bi-amp operation via a simple rear panel selection switch, making them ideal for your most demanding applications. Custom EQ and crossover settings for EUROCOM AX Series DSP-enabled amplifiers are available for each CL model (contact us for details).

Additionally, the CL Series’ design aesthetic compliments even the most sophisticated of interior spaces thanks to their durable laminated birch plywood (not MDF!) construction, available in black or white. All feature metric, threaded inserts for safe suspension via forged eyebolts. Input-wiring options include both terminal block and NL4 style connectors. Designed for cluster-pack applications, all models are trapezoidal in shape with rotatable high-frequency sections for deployment in vertical or horizontal orientations. Color-matched mounting brackets are optional for all CL Large-Format Series models.

3 Year Warranty

Please see the 3-Year Warranty Program for full details.

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