AX6000 Series

Sound Reinforcement: Integral DSP provides powerful processing while Ethernet connectivity allows network control for even the most complex system or space.

Sound Masking: Outstanding value when used as an integrated masking generator / DSP / amplifier capable of powering up to 1,500 masking speakers tapped at 1 watt each!

Emergency Notification: Designed for 24/7/365 operation, the AX Series provides peace of mind when used with any loudspeaker system designed for critical notification applications.

The EUROCOM AX Series dual-channel professional power amplifiers represent the apex of power, flexibility, and control in digitally enabled power amplifiers. Two models are optimized for low impedance speaker loads (down to 2-Ohms), while a two additional model are designed to drive high-impedance loads (70.7/100V). With our AX Series amplifiers, programming, monitoring and control have never been easier. Whether accessed directly, from across the hall or halfway around the planet, the AX Series amplifiers feature a plethora of connectivity and control options, providing immediate access to unbridled functionality.

3 Year Warranty

Please see the 3-Year Warranty Program for full details.

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