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Welcome to the V-AMP Tone Library.

This is the place where ToneHeads exchange presets. Are you looking for the sounds from your favorite artists - then take a look - maybe the tones you're looking for are already there!

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All V-AMP 2 Presets are compatible with the V-AMP PRO and the V-AMPIRE LX112 and all BASS V-AMP Presets are compatible with the BASS V-AMP PRO.

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The 5 most popular presets that are being downloaded!

IconPreset NameAmp ModelCreated byRemarksDownload
Top 5 Preset -Black TwinHoogendoorn EricFat bass sound. My favorite i use for gigsDownload
Top 5 Preset Violin-ishAND CustomJames CarrolPicking in tempo the overlay has an almost bowing sound, but at a quick pace. Also simular to EVH's Cathederals sound a little.Download
Top 5 Preset Another Brick p1Clean V-AMPTyler McgrawExact replication of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the wall Pt.1. Found all delay times off David Gilmour Website.Download
Top 5 Preset Run like hellClean V-AMPTyler McgrawAgain, pretty close to the real song. Delay times were found off of a artist website. I play along with it, and it works.Download
Top 5 Preset Camera EyeModern Hi GainSib BriGood soft chorus with a slight delay for a full sound, Great for the lead part also.Download