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The Ultimate Studio in a Box: 61-Key USB/MIDI Controller Keyboard with USB/Audio Interface, 50 Software Instruments and Ableton Live Lite 4 BEHRINGER Edition

  • Unleash your creativity and play 50 virtual instruments and synthesizers, take off with an unlimited number of sound creations. Download more free instrument plug-ins and host software from
  • Velocity-sensitive USB/MIDI keyboard featuring 61 full-size keys and unbeatable programming versatility, real-time control and playability
  • USB/audio interface to connect your instruments and mixer, etc. to your computer for recording and playback
  • Powerful DAW software Ableton Live Lite 4 BEHRINGER Edition included
  • Plug and play with Mac OS X and Windows XP
  • 8 real-time rotary controls plus 10 assignable switches

  • Freely assign MIDI control changes to the modulation wheel, volume fader and pedal port for ultimate flexibility
  • Full 128 tone range via the octave shift function with multi-purpose LED status indication
  • Separate MIDI Out allows controlling external samplers, synths and other equipment
  • Runs via USB, batteries or a power adapter (not included)
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany
Compose and record with Ableton Live Lite 4 BEHRINGER Edition. It’s the perfect solution that allows you to compose, record and remix your musical ideas. Jam with sounds or phrases and record your song on the fly.
50 virtual instruments that allow you to rock straight out of the box. Hit the keys of a grand piano or take off with breathtaking synths, sound samplers etc.
Plug and play your software instruments or MP3 tracks and run them straight into your sound system with the included USB/audio interface. Or simply record your stereo tracks on your Windows or Mac PC.

The U-CONTROL UMX61 is an ultra-compact master keyboard packed with superlatives: it features 61 full size, velocity-sensitive keys, 10 programmable MIDI controllers plus 8 user-definable buttons. You will think of it as your ultimate go-to tool for musical expression.

Unparalleled Flexibility

The UMX61 is a fully programmable MIDI controller, meaning the buttons and knobs perform whatever functions you tell them to. The UMX61 ships with these controls assigned to sensible, popular presets, but you are free to assign them as you wish. Get creative with your settings then save to “User Memory,” so you can call up the same settings every time you play.

Get All Touchy-Feely

The UMX61 sports velocity-sensitive keys, meaning the harder you play, the louder you sound. To the left of the keyboard are two wheels, which default to controlling modulation and pitch bend. These are also assignable, so their true function is up to you! Two octave shift keys extend your range beyond what just 61 keys are normally capable of, and there’s a master volume fader as well. Along the top of the unit are 8 smooth-operating rotary controllers and function buttons, all of which are assignable as well.

Software a-Go-Go

Plug-and-Play compatible with Mac OS X and Windows XP, your purchase of the UMX61 also comes with Ableton Live Lite 4 BEHRINGER Edition and a CD containing 50 stunning virtual instruments. Ableton allows you to compose, record and remix your musical ideas, and the virtual instruments disc offers a huge array of sounds from grand pianos to stellar synths. Between the controller and these two software packages, you’ll have a complete production studio right out of the box!

Basic Cable

The UMX61 supports MIDI Out, USB, and 1/4“ footswitch connectivity. It can run from a 9V DC adapter, USB bus, or on-the-go via only three AA batteries!


The UMX61 is the ultimate “Studio-in-a-Box,” allowing you to play, jam, record, mix and even lift off—all at an unbelievable price. Check it out at your nearby BEHRINGER dealer today.


All Software for Windows

All Windows Software and Plug-Ins (Windows XP + later)

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Audio Software for Windows

Audacity Audio Editor + various Podcasting Software (Windows XP + later)

*Agree and Download

Instruments for Windows

Bundle of VST Instrument Plug-Ins (Windows XP + later)

*Agree and Download

Effects for Windows

Bundle of VST Effect Plug-Ins (Windows XP + later)

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Hosts for Windows

Bundle of VST Hosts (Windows XP + later)

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All Software for Mac

All OS X Software and Plug-Ins (Mac OS X)

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Audio Software for Mac

Audacity Audio Editor + various Podcasting Software (Mac OS X)

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Instruments for Mac

Bundle of Instrument Plug-Ins (Mac OS X)

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Effects for Mac

Bundle of Effect Plug-Ins (Mac OS X)

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Hosts for Mac

Bundle of Hosts (Mac OS X)

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ASIO4ALL USB Audio Driver

- For bundled Audio Interface
- Combined 32/64-bit 3rd party driver for Windows
- Supports Windows XP to 7 (32/64-bit)
- For OS X no drivers required

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