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True Analog Modeling 30-Watt Guitar Amp with 10" BUGERA Speaker

  • Powerful 30-Watt guitar workstation with authentic V-TONE analog modeling
  • Original heavy-duty 10" BUGERA guitar speaker for classic sound
  • Authentic V-TONE analog modeling for 3 classic guitar amps, 3 speaker simulation models plus 3 gain modes—providing you with 27 modeled sounds
  • Clean channel and full-featured modeling channel, offering everything you need from clean over crunch to super-fat distortion sounds
  • DYNAMIZER circuitry captures every nuance of your playing and lends tube-like compression to your tone
  • Dedicated 3-band EQ and Master level control for ultimate sound shaping

  • Additional loudspeaker and separate Headphone output with integrated speaker simulation
  • Balanced direct out with XLR connector and Ground lift for direct recording and live applications
  • Insert facility for external effects devices (rack effects, stomp boxes, wah-wah pedals, etc.)
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

Our first analog modeling amp is bound to become a staple for guitarists of all musical styles, whether for practice, warm-up, rehearsal or recording. It’s also a natural for recording studios and engineers that like to have their own personal arsenal of amps to ensure optimal results no matter what the band brings along.

With three amp models, three modes and three speaker simulations, all based on pure analog circuitry with no digital components, the GM110 gives you 27 various authentic basic tones, supported by an original JENSEN® / BUGERA speaker and our revolutionary DYNAMIZER circuitry. All in a compact, rugged combo, at the price of a good stomp box.

For additional sound-shaping power, the straight-ahead top panel with its attractive V-TONE-style knobs sports a drive control, a powerful and extremely musical 3-band EQ and a level control next to the three slide switches for amp, mode and speaker selection. Further, the GM110 features a serial effects loop for outboard processors or effects and a professional, balanced DI out with an XLR connector and a ground lift switch, which delivers the full preamp sound including all amp, mode, speaker, drive, EQ and level settings for recording applications or connection of an external power amp, plus a speaker out which automatically mutes the internal speaker.

In keeping with the tonal concept of our first analog modeling amp, we gave it a rugged enclosure with authentic black vinyl covering, oversized chrome steel corners and classy black grill cloth. As with all of our combos, the GM110 also features a generously proportioned power supply that won’t buckle under when you crank it up.

Reviews from the Press

TG ran out of fingers counting the various roars, growls and crunches this little beauty offers. You’ve got three classic amp sounds: Tweed, British and Calif…Of course, the Vintager being a solid-state affair, all these sounds are simulations of genuine valve amps, but that won’t dissuade anyone who’s familiar with BEHRINGER’s work. These boys have a deserved reputation as amp modeling gurus, and the Vintager’s Dynamizer analogue-based circuitry ain’t about to tarnish it.

I like the look of that price…in fact, unless someone at BEHRINGER has put the decimal point in the wrong place, you might just be looking at the bargain of the year. For the price of a (heavy) night out, the Vintager supplies great tone – even up against the big guns – coupled with outrageous versatility. OK, so that same low price might suggest it’s a modeling amp for the first-time buyer, but in reality the Vintager’s sheer quality makes it viable for anyone. A little beauty.

Pros: Great tone; plenty of versatility; ludicrous price tag

Winner of the Total Guitar Best Buy 5 star Award.

February 2004 Read More

Serious ‘bang for the buck’ combo

This small amp has a ridiculously high specification list for its relatively tiny asking price. The good folks at BEHRINGER must have placed a bet in the office as to how much they could cram into this little offering. So is it all just show or is it a true goer? Answer – it rocks like, big time, dude! All in all, this is a corking, stomping, tie-your-mother-down kind of amp.

What Guitar? says… “How does BEHRINGER do it for this price?”

Performance: 8/10
Value: 10/10

Winner of the What Guitar? Sound Choice Award.

June 2004 Read More


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