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The Concert Grand Piano That Will Define the Look and Sound of Your Room or Décor

  • The ultimate digital grand piano for homes, music schools, houses of worship, etc. No traditional tuning or maintenance needed
  • Beautifully hand-polished (3' 3½" / 1 m) wood cabinet with black lacquer finish
  • BEHRINGER-designed professional 88-note weighted hammer-action keyboard accurately recreates the feel of an acoustic grand piano
  • High-grade 80-Watt speakers and cabinetry deliver a truly dynamic sound, rich with presence and power
  • New stereo sampling RSM (Real Sound Modeling) tone generation for the ultimate in instrument realism
  • 14 high-quality voices (Grand Piano, Acoustic Piano, E-Piano, Strings, Harpsichord, Organ, etc.) with max. 64-note polyphony

  • Layer mode for playing 2 sounds together
  • High-quality reverb, modulation and brilliance effects to add even more depth and richness
  • Real-time 2-track song recorder with one song capacity and metronome
  • 3 pedals (Damper, Sostenuto and Soft) for more dynamic playing
  • Comprehensive MIDI In/Out/Thru and stereo line in/out connectors
  • Dual headphone jacks for silent music rehearsal and student/tutor listening
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany
The Sound, Touch and Elegance of an Acoustic Piano with Cutting-Edge Digital Performance BEHRINGER EUROGRANDs are masterclass digital pianos with the sound and feel of traditional acoustic instruments in a compact, aff ordable package. The keyboard features 88 weighted keys with true hammer-action and a state-of-the-art RSM (Real Sound Modeling) tone generator with 14 unique, high-quality voices. The EUROGRAND’s powerful loudspeaker system fills the room with a natural, spacious stereo sound rivaling that of its acoustic cousin.

True High-Fidelity Sound

Thanks to our RSM engine, EUROGRAND instruments sound just like a real acoustic grand, as well as a variety of other electronic and acoustic instruments. Real Sound Modeling has revolutionized the piano in much the same way that High-Definition has changed television, bringing a level of realism to the digital piano that, up until now, was quite simply unattainable.

We even added a release sample to the harpsichord and cembalo that produces the sound of the “rose thorn” plucking the string as the key returns to its original position. We could get all techy and talk about sampling rates, bit-depth and other electronic esoterica until your eyes glaze over, but just think of these as High-Defi nition pianos! Because all EUROGRAND pianos are digital, you’re not limited to just traditional piano sounds. You can switch between piano, harpsichord, and a host of other instruments—including three organs, strings and even acoustic guitar. With 14 different instruments to choose from, the EG2180 and EG8180 will unleash your creative spirit!

With a powerful, 80-Watt stereo amplifi er and custom-designed loudspeaker system, these pianos can fill the room with rich, natural sound that belies their compact size. And for those times when you’d rather practice or play without bothering others, each piano features dual headphone jacks that switch the internal speakers off. This feature is extremely handy for student/teacher sessions.

If you want to expand on EUROGRAND’s already robust loudspeaker system, the LINE OUT jacks can be used to connect to external keyboard amplifi ers, PA or home stereo systems. You can even use the LINE OUT jacks to connect to recording equipment, allowing you to share your songs with friends and family, or create an archive of your personal performance.

Studio-Grade Effects

There are few things that sound better than a grand piano being played in a concert hall. That’s why we’ve equipped the EUROGRAND with a state-of-the-art effects processor. We’ve taken the liberty of choosing some of our favorite effects for the individual instruments, but you are free to change them at any time. Available reverb effects include ROOM, HALL 1, HALL 2 and STAGE. And there are also special effects, such as CHORUS (for a slight doubling eff ect), FLANGER (a slightly in and out of tune sound), TREMOLO (pulsating change in volume), and DELAY (echo).

Thanks for the Memory

Every EUROGRAND piano has its own built-in 2-track sequencer, allowing you to record and play back a song. Each of the two tracks can record up to two sounds, which means the sequencer can play back up to four diff erent sounds simultaneously. When you play along with the recorded tracks, you can add two additional “live” sounds, creating a complex performance with up to six different layered sounds.

The sequencer also makes a highly effective learning tool. Let’s say you’re learning a new piece of music. First, record the song at a slow enough tempo to execute it flawlessly. Then, play along with the sequence and gradually increase the tempo until you reach your speed goal. Or, if you’re having trouble with either your left or your right hand in a difficult piece, you can record the other hand’s part and work through the troublesome section. This allows you to practice parts individually, speeding up the learning process.

Need to Change the Key?

EUROGRAND’s transpose function allows you to change the key at the flick of a switch. Don’t like playing in the key of D flat? Transpose the pitch up a half-step, and voila you can now play the song in the key of “C” and it will sound like it’s in D flat. This feature really comes in handy if you’re accompanying a vocalist who is more comfortable with a higher or lower key than the original version. You can raise or lower the pitch by half-steps, up to a full octave.

We Have Connections…

The EUROGRAND is equipped with a stereo LINE IN connector for external sound sources, such as a CD/Tape/mp3 player or drum computer. This allows you to play along with pre-recorded music via the EUROGRAND’s internal loudspeakers or through your own headphones.

An onboard MIDI connection enables you to use an external sound generator for even more tonal capabilities. You simply run a MIDI cable from the EUROGRAND to your sound module and then connect the module’s audio output to the LINE IN jacks on the piano. The resulting sounds can then be heard through the speakers or headphones.

You can also use EUROGRAND’s MIDI capability to record and manipulate tracks on your computer. There are many software sequencing programs on the market that allow you to build songs layer upon layer, creating performances that range from simple to extremely complex. Additional MIDI options allow you to produce and/or print sheet music or playback musical pieces. What’s more, you can transfer the data from the built-in sequencer to your computer for permanent storage.

Alternate Tunings

The tuning system we use today is referred to as “Equal” tuning. It has been a characteristic element of the music composed from the 19th century to the present, with the notes in an octave divided into twelve equal parts. But that has not always been the case.

Over the ages, piano tunings have come and gone. Some of these tunings were created specifi cally for the works of renowned composers and are representative of specific musical periods. Renaissance and Baroque are two examples of periods when certain musical intervals fell in and out of favor. EUROGRAND pianos allow you to select authentic period tunings, so you can hear the works of Beethoven, Bach, and the other master composers as they were originally intended.

Tuning an acoustic piano is a timeconsuming and expensive process, and it would have to be done often to accommodate both the “old” and “new” tuning systems. Since the EUROGRAND is digital, it’s as simple as pressing a button to access any of the following tunings:

 • Equal tuning (default setting)
 • Pure major tuning
 • Pure minor tuning
 • Pythagorean tuning
 • Meantone tuning
 • Werckmeister tuning
 • Kirnberger tuning

Hearing is Believing…

We could fill several volumes touting the praises of these incredible pianos, but you’ve simply got to play one for yourself to understand what all the fuss is about. You’ll experience the room fi lling, true high-fidelity sound of world-class acoustic pianos (and a bevy of other acoustic and electronic instruments), in a compact package that won’t wipe out your savings account.


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