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Professional 7-Channel DJ Mixer with 5 Dual Inputs

  • 5 dual stereo inputs plus 2 mono mic/line channels with ultra-low noise mic preamps, Gain control and Clip LED
  • Ultra-musical 3-band EQ with low-end Kill button and EQ on/off switch on all stereo channels
  • Super-smooth 100-mm channel faders on all input channels
  • Replaceable and freely assignable VCA crossfader for smooth audio performance
  • Adjustable crossfader curve for all mixing styles
  • Talkover function with separate Sensitivity, Time and Damping controls

  • Headphone output with Level and PFL/Main Balance controls, switchable split mode and level display
  • Main mute, main boost, punch and cut functions for awesome mix options
  • Subbass Out for separate subwoofer, additional Zone Out for second room/area
  • 2 tape outputs: with and without mic signal
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

Since its introduction in 1999, the DX1000 has become a favorite among thousands of working DJ’s, remix artists and club installers around the globe. As the first DJ mixer produced by BEHRINGER, it sports extreme flexibility, an impressive feature set and uncompromising audio and build quality. Having proven itself time and time again and continuously gained popularity, it merits a place of honor in our line next to our new VMX series mixers.

The DX1000 features five dual stereo inputs, allowing you to choose between a total of ten different stereo sources, plus two additional mono mic/line channels with discrete ULN mic preamps and line inputs. All seven channels sport a gain control, an effective, musical 3-band EQ with a low-end kill button and a bypass function for easy comparisons, plus PFL (Pre-Fader Listening) and super-smooth 100-mm studio-quality faders. In addition, each channel offers machine control for remote starting of turntables, CD/MD players etc. The mic/line channels additionally feature an aux send for external processors as well as inserts.

The main section is based on flexible, clearly laid out X/Y routing via a high-quality long-life VCA crossfader, supported by punch and cut buttons as well as main mute (-20 dB) and main boost (+4 dB) buttons for creative mix transforming. In addition to the main outs, the DX1000 offers two stereo recording outputs (with and without mic signal), a stereo tape input and a stereo aux return. In typical BEHRINGER fashion, all XLR outputs are servo-balanced for clean, powerful sound with minimal noise.
A truckload of additional features and functions, like a stereo aux return, a flexible automatic talkover section, accurate 12-segment main out and PFL level meters and a dimmable 12-V lamp socket all add up to help make your gig a screaming success.

But that’s still not the whole story. Pump up the bass with the extra sub-bass output, completely controllable via level and frequency adjustments. Get a second room or area on its feet with the second zone output. And keep ‘em in the groove with the powerful headphone section.


Manual, Dansk

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Manual, Deutsch

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Manual, English

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Spec Sheet, English

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