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Digital 24-Bit Multi-Function Signal Processor

  • Ultra low-noise Mic/Line input stage with Gain control and +48 V phantom power
  • Automatic Feedback Destroyer with Learn function
  • Delay line with up to 2.5 seconds of delay, adjustable in meters, feet and msec.
  • Noise gate with automatic and manual parameter adjustments
  • Super-musical compressor with variable density
  • Level conversion from line to mic level and vice versa

  • Subsonic filter with adjustable cutoff frequency
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

Looking for feedback control? Maybe you want easy to use compression? Or signal conversion for acoustic-electric guitars or other line-level instruments? Whether you use it with microphones, acoustic instruments, or even as a delay line for large venue loudspeaker systems, the SHARK DSP110 is a remarkable addition to your live and studio toolkit.

Crystal-Clear Sound Without Feedback

Thanks to its intelligent "Learn Mode," the SHARK DSP110 can automatically equalize your PA and protect your sound system from feedback. BEHRINGER's search algorithm assures that feedback frequencies are attenuated within a fraction of a second, using narrow, 1/60 octave single-shot filters. The remaining 12 filters automatically take action as required. Only the specific frequencies that are causing the feedback are attenuated, leaving your music powerful and alive.

The Perfect Delay Tactic

Delay lines are required to compensate for time variations resulting from speaker positioning in large venues. The Shark's delay can be adjusted in meters, feet or milliseconds. The maximum delay time of 2.5 seconds corresponds to a distance of 850 meters. Combining several Sharks with the optional rack-mount kit puts a complete professional speaker management system at your fingertips.

Mic Preamp, Di Box, Level Converter

The SHARK DSP110 sports servo-balanced inputs and outputs (XLR and 1/4" phone), which can be switched between line-level and mic level at the touch of a button. The DSP110 is a serial device, meaning it is inserted directly into the signal path. Just plug your mic or acoustic guitar into Shark’s input and connect the output to your mixer channel. Optionally, you can use your mixer’s channel insert loop to apply the DSP110 to the signal. You can even connect the DSP110 between the mixing console and a power amp.

The adjustable mic preamp with switchable +48 V phantom power and Ultra-Low Noise technology guarantees noise-free, ultra-musical sound. You can choose professional studio (+4 dB) or microphone output level, so the Shark can be directly connected to the mic input of a recording device. Virtually any type of signal can be connected and converted.

Automatic Noise Gate, High-Pass Filter and Compressor

Here are just of few of the SHARK DSP110’s built-in processors:
• A fully automatic noise gate, with its own "Learn" mode, suppresses noise during silent passages, and prevents the resonance build-up associated with complex signals, such as acoustic instruments.
• The High-Pass filter, with its freely adjustable cutoff frequency, can be fine-tuned to eliminate mic handling noise and wind noise, as well as a host of infrasonic anomalies.
• The compressor provides effective signal density enhancement and overload protection with 2 simple parameters: Density and Speed.

High-Quality Build

The DSP110 is constructed using only the highest quality components. State-of-the-art 24-bit A/D (analog to digital) and D/A converters ensure optimal audio quality. The DSP110 gets its tremendous processing power from 24-bit DSP circuitry from Texas Instruments.

Everything Is Illuminated

In spite of its compact dimensions, the Shark DSP110 offers maximum functionality and transparency of operation. A 6-segment LED chain with clipping indicator displays the internal level. An additional 12-segment LED chain indicates filter status, and a 4-digit multi-functional display assists in setting delay times, noise gate threshold, compression ratio, and subsonic filter cutoff frequency.

Simply Amazing

Like a sonic Swiss army knife, you'll want the Shark DSP110 close at hand for all your gigs and studio engagements. In fact, you'll probably want several, which is why they are sized to fit five across your rack. Bait your hook and catch them at your local BEHRINGER dealer.

Replacement Power Supplies are Available for the DSP110

Replacement power supplies are country-specific – please ensure you order the correct model or consult the documentation above for further information.

Reviews from the Press

Mark Jenkins takes a bite out of a handy little box for PA applications…

The SHARK DSP110 is one of the neatest-on-stage problem-solvers launched for a long time. Into an odd-shaped package with a front panel about two inches high by three wide and a casing five inches deep… it squeezes a DI box with mike pre-amp, a digital signal processing unit with speaker delay, compressor and gate, and a feedback suppressor.

That’s a lot of functionality for such a tiny package! The SHARK DSP110 is very affordable and potentially a huge problem-solver. Gigging vocalists will want one, bands may want half a dozen, and PA companies will want stacks of them.

High Notes: - great amount of functionality in small package; - affordable – well it is BEHRINGER! - learn facility; - up to 5 units in 2U space;

November 2003 Read More


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