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Active 2-Way Reference Studio Monitor

  • Ultra-linear frequency response from 50 Hz to 21 kHz
  • 2 built-in high power amps with 150/75 Watts and enormous power reserves
  • Extremely high-resolution tweeter with ferrofluid-cooled titanium dome
  • Long-throw 8 ¾" woofer with special polycarbonate diaphragm and sturdy cast aluminum chassis
  • Controlled dispersion pattern through phase-optimized wave guide system
  • Extremely large “sweet spot” through vertically/horizontally balanced dispersion characteristics

  • Active frequency crossover with 4th order Linkwitz-Riley filters
  • Flexible adaptation to room acoustics, including subwoofer operation
  • Overload protection through separately controlled limiter for low- and high-frequency ranges
  • Automatic standby switching
  • Electromagnetic shielding for minimum interference
  • Delivery of “matched pairs”; measurement protocol included
  • Low-vibration E1 MDF cabinet
  • Servo-balanced inputs on XLR and TRS connectors
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

Give Me the TRUTH

Our B2031 has become a favorite among musicians and engineers the world over for every imaginable application. Its neutral sound and extremely linear frequency response, optimized via manual trimming, assist you in getting the most out of your sounds, whether you’re recording, sampling, mixing or mastering. The low- and high-frequency amplifiers deliver plenty of power for the specially developed heavy-duty 8 3 /4 " polycarbonate woofer and ferrofluid-cooled HF driver. The unique wave guide developed by our CAD engineers delivers absolutely linear phase response and optimal stereo imaging, giving the TRUTH monitor an unusually large sweet spot.

Adjustable low-frequency roll-off, high-frequency adaptation and a four-way room compensation allow optimal adaptation to any listening situation. Selectable power mode, high- and low-frequency mute functions, balanced XLR and 1 /4 " connectors, power and clip indicators, full electromagnetic shielding and a sturdy, low-vibration MDF enclosure round out this professional and unusually flexible monitor system.

Reviews from the Press

"The BEHRINGER TRUTH B2031s follow in this grand tradition of the active monitor. They certainly grabbed my attention from first listen and continued to impress after countless listening sessions and mixes. At their current price-pint the B2031s will certainly keep the competition honest - as well as leaving many similarly priced passive/external amplifier combinations sounding somewhat lifeless."

May 2001 Read More

“Bottom line: Although it takes some work to get a deep, open sound, you can get some smokin' mixes out of these boxes. For broadcast and post work, these monitors shined: I boosted the bass enough to be audible even on two-inch TV speakers, while also being cautious to leave enough space around elements in the mix so that the important elements came across--no matter where I played back the mix. I'm not convinced about using the 2031's for theatrical releases, but voiceovers came out especially fine. The characteristics of the Behringers mean you'll end up with the perfect boom in announcers' voices, and your mixes will survive ridiculous broadcast chain compression well. For music work, you'll end up with very radio-friendly mixes.
If you plan to do lots of dense layering and delicate level balancing, you'll have to work a little harder with the Truths. But the overall performance is solid, especially in light of their low price. Although I was left wanting a subwoofer and a bit less high-end sensitivity, there are situations where the Truths really come through. They're easy to set up, especially with all the flexible adjustments for response and placement, and their ability to translate is a big plus."

July 2002 Read More

“The B2031’s bass response is quoted as going down to 50Hz. The bottom end sound is certainly solid and punchy enough for reliable judgement when it comes to making decisions on kick drums and basslines. The overall feeling is that in a studio context these monitors, once you get to know them, will be reliable workhorses for tracking and mixing."

September 2001 Read More


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