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The MUSIC Group is a very different kind of company, and we are proud to be different. With a strong mission, a clear strategy and much fun, we are a great team of specialists building the Next Big Thing in Pro Audio, MI and Consumer Electronics.

Equally passionate about the products we make and the people we make them for, we thrive on breaking the mold and setting new standards in product quality, reliability and value.

Internally we are committed to systems that enable accelerated decision making based on facts that lead to successful execution and deliverables. Highly structured, fast paced and uncompromising in our commitment to quality, we maintain the agility and innovation of a startup with a fanatic discipline, focus and determination bolstered by over two decades of proven success. Most of all, we are incredibly capable, fun-loving family of people brought together by an immense passion for music and winning.

We take pride in our people who truly embody the 4E+1P Principle that Jack Welch defined:

Energy People who have the insatiable appetite for more challenge, more accomplishment and will to win.

Energize The ability to infect others with your vision and help them see the opportunities.

Edge Ability to make the Yes or No decisions that lead to the winner's circle, regardless of the obstacles.

Execution Knowing the difference between talking the talk and walking the walk.

Passion Living what you do and loving it!

Manager, Internal Audit

Location: Macao


  • Create a comprehensive annual audit plan and calendar based on a risk assessment process which involves key management inputs subject to the review of the AVP, Internal Audit; ensure that annual audit calendar is updated in a timely manner to reflect the completed projects and status of actual progress
  • Perform risk assessments on audit areas or projects by gaining an understanding of and documentation of the respective business processes of the financial and operational environments
  • Identify risks and deficiencies inherent in processes with financial impact, controls to mitigate the risk and opportunities for improvement through transaction testing and/or process review
  • Plan and execute financial, operational and fraud audit
  • Develop audit programs, reports and presentations for each engagement and ensure that reports reflect actual circumstances and an effective and well-written audit for management review
  • Review staff work papers and reports and provide timely feedback to the AVP, Internal Audit on key risk areas
  • Share best practices and identify ways to use technology to improve the audit efficiency and scope or coverage as necessary
Special Projects and Fraud Audits
  • Plan, manage and execute special projects that may be assigned by management
  • Develop fraud audit programs to ensure key red flag and fraud indicators are detected
  • Review staff reports on assigned projects and provide timely feedback to the AVP,Internal Audit on risk areas and project progress


  • Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy, preferably CPA
  • At least 8 years’ experience in a leading audit firm or in a corporate environment
  • At least 3 years’ experience in fraud audits
  • Knowledge of IFRS accounting standards
  • Proven to be a versatile learner; enjoys the challenge of unfamiliar tasks and identifies clues for improvement and solutions to problems
  • Ability to provide clear and measurable objectives, monitor process, progress and results and deliver on time despite obstacles
  • Ability to understand reasoning behind key policies, practices and procedures and ensure this is being adhered to
  • Ability to deal comfortably with more senior managers and provide current, direct, complete and actionable positive and corrective feedback to others
  • Ability to communicate clearly, correctly, concisely, consistently and coherently and can deliver wide variety of communication settings and styles relevant to the audience
  • Ability to quickly learn new skills about the industry and the company and its processes
  • Strong sense of integrity in all business practices and transactions
  • Ability to speak and read Mandarin Chinese
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Excellent computer skills and good project management skills

Send us your résumé!

Due to the volume of résumés (CV’s) we receive, it is important to name your file properly to ensure you are considered for the correct position and location. Please name your résumé following the example below.

Name your résumé (or CV):

HUMA Reso Recr GLOB_Resume_Manager, Internal Audit-LAST NAME First Name_YYYY-MM-DD_Rev.0

Replace LASTNAME Firstname_YYYY-MM-DD with your name and date.

For instance:

If you are applying for the position of Financial Controller in Singapore, your name is Bill Smith, the date is June 15, 2009, and your file is an MS Word document, your file name should look like this:

HUMA Reso Recr GLOB_Resume_Financial Controller-SMITH Bill_2009-06-15_Rev.0.doc

Or, if your document is a PDF, your file name should look like this:

HUMA Reso Recr GLOB_Resume_Financial Controller-SMITH Bill_2009-06-15_Rev.0.pdf