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The MUSIC Group is a very different kind of company, and we are proud to be different. With a strong mission, a clear strategy and much fun, we are a great team of specialists building the Next Big Thing in Pro Audio, MI and Consumer Electronics.

Equally passionate about the products we make and the people we make them for, we thrive on breaking the mold and setting new standards in product quality, reliability and value.

Internally we are committed to systems that enable accelerated decision making based on facts that lead to successful execution and deliverables. Highly structured, fast paced and uncompromising in our commitment to quality, we maintain the agility and innovation of a startup with a fanatic discipline, focus and determination bolstered by over two decades of proven success. Most of all, we are incredibly capable, fun-loving family of people brought together by an immense passion for music and winning.

We take pride in our people who truly embody the 4E+1P Principle that Jack Welch defined:

Energy People who have the insatiable appetite for more challenge, more accomplishment and will to win.

Energize The ability to infect others with your vision and help them see the opportunities.

Edge Ability to make the Yes or No decisions that lead to the winner's circle, regardless of the obstacles.

Execution Knowing the difference between talking the talk and walking the walk.

Passion Living what you do and loving it!

Assistant Manager, RnD Quality

Location: China


RnD Kaizen Owner
Sustaining Engineering
Test (User, Acceptance, Validation, and Production)

RnD Kaizen Owner and Sustaining Engineering

  • Take RnD ownership of all Kaizen activities
  • Own RnD portion of the weekly Kaizen meeting
  • Drive solutions and engage all required departments and customers to decisively and quickly resolve problems in the field
  • Drive decisions for ECO (Engineering Change Order) implementation including decisions to scrap,rework, make running change, among others
  • Define acceptance criteria for evaluating proposed solutions
  • Drive continuous improvement in data acquisition and presentation formats
  • Develop KPIs to measure speed and effectiveness for getting products off the Kaizen report
  • Work closely with NPI to identify and eliminate design and process problems that occur in PP/MP
  • Determine whether problems found on one product may also exist in other products. If so:
    • Use MG resources to review, test and recommend changes
    • Lead the ECO process to ensure that design improvements are implemented on all affected products
    • Ensure that “lessons learned” are fed back to the design process to eliminate future field failures
    • Manage EOL, part substitutions, approvals, EAFs and others for existing products

Product Test

  • Ensure that all new products have been sufficiently tested prior to production release including aging, specifications and user functionality
  • Review and approve all production test plans
  • Verify QUAL pass or fail criteria for production approval milestone
  • Establish pass or fail criteria for all products and drive decisions when ambiguity is encountered
  • Monitor production results in PP/MP and walk the factory floor on a regular basis
  • Review and approve all products at the end of PP/MP prior to shipment
  • Develop and manage a user-centric testing regime that engages in-house (RnD, MKT, etc.) and external resources and users


  • Bachelor’s Degree with any technical course
  • Minimum of 4 years’ of relevant industry experience in an electronics manufacturing environment
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience developing and implementing test strategies for high volume and highly-complex electronic products
  • Experience with automated testing including bed-of-nails, boundary scans, Audio Precision, ICT, among others
  • Hands-on troubleshooting experience with oscilloscopes, DMMs, and soldering
  • Outstanding problem solving skills with highly logical and linear thinking ability
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to distill multi-variable, complex situations into easily understood explanations
  • Proficient in English verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to think clearly and make quick and logical decisions
  • Ability to recommend solutions that have serious financial ramifications
  • Ability to engage non-direct reports as needed to resolve problems
  • Ability to think proactively and eliminate problems before they occur

Send us your résumé!

Due to the volume of résumés (CV’s) we receive, it is important to name your file properly to ensure you are considered for the correct position and location. Please name your résumé following the example below.

Name your résumé (or CV):

HUMA Reso Recr GLOB_Resume_Assistant Manager, RnD Quality-LAST NAME First Name_YYYY-MM-DD_Rev.0

Replace LASTNAME Firstname_YYYY-MM-DD with your name and date.

For instance:

If you are applying for the position of Financial Controller in Singapore, your name is Bill Smith, the date is June 15, 2009, and your file is an MS Word document, your file name should look like this:

HUMA Reso Recr GLOB_Resume_Financial Controller-SMITH Bill_2009-06-15_Rev.0.doc

Or, if your document is a PDF, your file name should look like this:

HUMA Reso Recr GLOB_Resume_Financial Controller-SMITH Bill_2009-06-15_Rev.0.pdf